During the onsite visit employees may be asked the following questions: 
  • What do you know about accreditation? Please review Criteria for Accreditation for additional information.

  • What do you know about the Higher Learning Commission? Please review the HLC's Guiding Values for additional information.

  • Have you seen or read Bay’s Quality Highlights Report? Please review Bay's Quality Highlights Report.

  • How would you describe Bay’s mission? 

  • How does your department contribute to Bay’s mission?

  • How do you contribute to the college’s mission?

  • What does continuous quality improvement mean to you and how do you see it being used across campus?

  • What are the college’s current strategic planning priorities? 

  • How does the campus engage in the strategic planning process?

  • What are Bay’s greatest strengths? Weaknesses?

  • How would you describe the campus climate for diversity? 

  • What is it like to work at Bay? How is morale on campus?

  • What are the biggest challenges facing Bay? How about challenges specific to your department?

  • Describe any campus processes that could be improved or made more efficient.

  • What kind of changes are taking place at Bay? Do you see these as positive or not?

ACRONYMS galore!

HLC - Higher Learning Commission
AQIP - Academic Quality Improvement Process
CQR - Comprehensive Quality Review
QHR - Quality Highlights Report
MCR - Multi-Campus Report
CQI - Continuous Quality Improvement


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2001 N Lincoln Road, Escanaba, MI 49829
906.786.5802 Main Campus Directions