Social & Behavioral Sciences

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Matt Barron, Ph.D.
Dean of Arts and Sciences
CB 224B

Barb Ingram
Administrative Assistant
CB 224A

Tom Warstler
Division Chair
CB 206

The members of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division are dedicated to both the academic and the personal growth of our students. The Social and Behavioral Sciences component of a college program is crucial for providing students with an understanding of many significant influences on their lives and their careers. The Division seeks not only to effectively teach the substantive material in each discipline, but also to enhance the student's interpersonal skills so that they may successfully apply that knowledge in their daily lives.

The Division recognizes its responsibility to serve the needs of three various types of students:
1) Students taking courses as requirements for transfer programs
2) Students taking courses as requirements for technology programs
3) Students taking courses for personal enrichment/interest