Bay College West Campus


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Patrick Kennedy
Vice President
Bay College West
Office 215

Laura Moloney
Student Services Director
Office  217

Marcelle Jones
Academic Services Director
Office 211

Enrollment Facilitators:
Linda Varda

Tina Jensen

Bay College West

Since the early 1970's, Bay College has had a presence in Dickinson County, where in those early years courses were offered to assist students enrolled in nursing degree programs. 

In 2003, Dr. Theodore and Eleanor Fornetti donated a 25-acre parcel on the north side of Iron Mountain. The voters in Dickinson County approved a one mill tax increase to support the construction, maintenance and operation of a new 67,000 sq. ft. facility, matching the State of Michigan's construction funds of $6 million. Groundbreaking was held in the spring of 2006 and the facility opened in the fall of 2007.