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Amy Reddinger, Ph.D.

Dean of Arts and Sciences
CB 224B


Carrie Oney

Administrative Assistant
CB 201H


Jennifer McCann

Division Chair
CB 229


The Arts and Letters Division offers courses in English, communication, fine arts, and foreign languages.  Most division courses are general education courses designed to satisfy Bay College’s general education requirements and to transfer to other colleges and universities.  The Arts and Letters Division also offers transitional courses in reading and writing for students who need further preparation for college-level classes.
Each fall, the division also sponsors the annual Liberal Arts Network for Development (LAND) writing contest, open to any Bay College student.  Each spring, the division publishes Serendipity, the Bay College student literary magazine and sponsors “An Evening of Serendipity,” a celebration of student writing, art, and music.
Full-time Arts and Letters faculty:
Kristine Granger (Fine Arts)

Amber Kinonen (Transitional reading and English)
Nanci Love (English)
Jennifer McCann (Transitional writing and English)
Todd McCann (English)
Bill Milligan (Communication)
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