Academic Support

Student Success Center help desk in the HUB at Bay College

The Academic Support program at Bay College provides an active, collaborative, and supportive learning environment which encourages the development of independent learners and promotes both academic and personal success of our students. 

Student success is the top priority at Bay College.  This is clear in the college’s mission and purpose, and is evident in the widespread availability of academic support across both campuses.  Centers throughout campus, like the Student Success Center, TRiO, and the Library in the HUB at the Escanaba campus, and the Bay West Student Success Center (SSC) in Iron Mountain, exist solely to provide academic support to students.  It is these elements that directly contribute to the success of our students.

Office of Accessibility

The Office of Accessibility (formerly the Student Success Office) is the first stop for information and assistance to support students with disabilities.  We strive to remove barriers that impact students with  disabilities the opportunity to learn and participate in campus life.  The Office of Accessibility (OOA) assists all students taking Bay College courses with a variety of services for course accommodations. Services include, but are not limited to, extended test taking time, notetaking assistant, reading software, use of a recorder for academic needs and interpreting for the hearing-impaired individuals. No matter where a student is taking a Bay College course, to request accommodations email Justin Berg at or call 906-217-4017.  The Office of Accessibility is located in room 811 of the Student Success Center in the HUB at the Escanaba Campus. For more information, visit the Office of Accessibility web page.


The TRiO Program at Bay College is a Student Support Services (SSS) Program that provides opportunities for academic and career development for low-income, first-generation college students and students with disabilities. The TRiO program provides many services to students, including academic planning, career exploration, transfer assistance, personal financial training and support, FAFSA assistance, cultural & college trips, leadership opportunities, grant aid, and tutoring in math, writing and General Education courses. The Escanaba campus TRiO reception office is located in room 815 of the Student Success Center in the HUB at the Escanaba Campus or you may call 906-217-4133.  The West Campus TRiO reception office is located in the Student Success Center at West Campus, or call 906-302-3035. You may also contact TRiO staff via For more information, visit the TRiO web page.

Bay College Library

The Bay College Library provides services that are designed to meet classroom-related and general information needs of all students, faculty, staff and community members. The Library’s primary goal is to provide resources that will enhance and expand an individual’s learning experience.  Physical resources can be sent to Bay College West upon request. Access our digital resources from the Library website, stop by HUB 850 on the Escanaba campus, email or call 906-217-4055 if you need assistance. The knowledgeable and friendly Bay College Library staff is always available to assist you and answer your questions. For more information, visit the Bay College Library web page.

Online Learning Support

Online Learning Support is available to all Bay College students.  Students can receive live support for technical issues they encounter related to online learning. For assistance, stop by Online Learning Support in the HUB at the Escanaba campus Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5 pm, call 906-217-4276 or email For more information, visit the Online Learning web page.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an internationally recognized academic support program that targets traditionally difficult courses.  Students come together in regularly-scheduled study sessions to compare notes, discuss course materials, develop study tools, practice problem solving, and prepare for exams.  These sessions are facilitated by trained SI leaders that attend the course with students and prepare study materials for use during SI sessions. SI staff can be found in the Student Success Center (rooms 827-833 at the Escanaba Campus or room 221 at West Campus) or can be reached via phone at 906-217-4175. For more information, visit the Supplemental Instruction web page.


Tutoring has become very popular at Bay College and is offered for all courses.  Tutoring requests can be made through the front reception desk of the Student Success Center in the HUB at the Escanaba Campus.  Feel free to stop in or call 906-217-4230. On West Campus, please contact Monique Claverie at 906-302-3004 or with any tutoring requests. For more information, visit the Tutoring web page.

Testing & Certification Services

Testing Services at Bay College provides proctored testing for both online and traditional courses.  If you have a class on any campus or online that requires you to take proctored exams, and/or you have questions about testing services, please contact the campus you will be testing at: for Escanaba Campus please stop by room 876 in the HUB or call 906-217-4035 and for West Campus please stop by the Help Desk in the Computer Lab or call 906-302-3200.  As always if there is no answer, please leave a voicemail and someone will return your call as soon as possible. You may also contact both campus Testing Services via testingcenter@baycollege.eduFor more information, visit the Testing Services web page.

Placement Test Preparation

Placement test preparation is available to students seeking to place well initially or re-test to improve their placement in English, reading, or math.  Students can schedule an appointment to receive preparation resources and strategies on how to prepare to take the placement test.  Please call 906-217-4301 or stop by the reception desk at the Student Success Center in the HUB at the Escanaba campus. Placement test preparation is available at West Campus during the fall and winter semesters.  Call 906-302-3035 or stop by room 221.

Bay College West Student Success Center

The Student Success Center (SSC) offers a variety of academic support services for Bay West students. The SSC provides tutoring services to all students in a variety of subjects and is the home of Supplemental Instruction at Bay West. Additionally, the SSC provides services for students with disabilities. For more information, visit the Bay College West web page.
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