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Chris Fries, Director

HUB Office 811

The Office of Accessibilty (formerly the Student Success Office) utilizes principles presented by AHEAD as guidelines for determining accommodations for students. The process is addressed on an individual, case-by-case basis, according to a student's specific recommended accommodations.

Please note: Just because you have a specific disability does not automatically make you eligible for a specific accommodation. Also, there are differences between secondary (high school) and post secondary (college) disability services. Click here to see some differences.

Necessary Documentation Information

At the college level it is each student's responsibility to self-identify needs for their particular accommodation. This is done by first logging in to the student's MyBay account and completing and submitting the online application.  A student then needs to submit the required documentation.  After that a discussion will take place with the Director of OOA.

Verbal requests have to be followed up by submitting the application/questionnaire with valid documentation to activate this no-cost service. Documentation can be from MI Rehab Services, Vet Voc Rehab, Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Persons, High School/ISD IEP's, or from a medical doctor.  The report needs to explains and document via formal and informal assessment how the requested accommodation mitigates the impact of the individual’s disability on the specific task or activity (e.g., how extended time on an exam accommodates the impact of attention deficit disorder; how a learning disability interferes with note-taking skills such that a classroom note-taker is needed.).  Please contact the Director or refer to the Bay College Catalog, if you have any questions regarding documentation.


Typical Services Offered

•Specialized testing including extended time for tests and/or access to distraction reduced testing environment
•Classroom note-taker
•Reader and/or scribe
•Alternative format textbooks
•The use of a recorder for academic needs
•Interpreter for the deaf

The above list contains examples of possible academic adjustments and auxiliary aids and services, and is not intended to be an exhaustive list.  Academic adjustments and auxiliary aids and services will be based upon on a student's individual needs.

In addition we provide the temporary use of a motorized scooter on a first come - first serve basis.

Note: Bay College does not provide personal attendants for students with a disability.

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