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Bay College is committed to student success. Students are required to enroll in courses based on the ACT and/or COMPASS scores provided at the time of admission. Students who do not meet the Reading (R), English (E), and/or Math (M) prerequisites for college-level courses will need to enroll in Transitional Studies (TS) courses.

Transitional Studies courses are designed to assist students in reaching their educational goals. Credits awarded in these courses do not count towards graduation, nor are they calculated into a student’s overall GPA.

Placement for Success

Students should review this table to determine course placement.


If students feel that their placement scores do not accurately reflect their ability, they are encouraged to spend some time reviewing subject material and re-take their ACT or take the COMPASS which is a free, untimed assessment available on either campus. Students are permitted to re-take each portion of the COMPASS two times every 365 days.

If you want help to prepare for the COMPASS, consider a free COMPASS Skills Session.


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