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CNSS courses cover highly sought after IT skills and certified cybersecurity skills. Students take courses in operating systems, network installation and management, server administration, wireless networking, and information assurance. While taking these courses students will have the opportunity to earn several Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certifications, a Microsoft IT (Imagine) Academy certificate in Server Administration, and a cybersecurity certification from the U.S. government, which are very important credentials for a graduate to have on their resume while applying for an IT job today.

Students can pursue an 
A.A.S in Computer Network Systems and Security (prepares graduate for the IT workplace) or pursue coursework in A.A. in Network Administration all courses will transfer to a university)  *It should be noted that the AA in Network Administration is the only computer related degree at Bay College that will articulate fully to a 4-year degree, thereby making transfer to Northern Michigan University seamless. Students who think they may transfer to a 4-year university should enroll in the A.A. in Network Administration. Contact one of the instructors for more information! 

Computer Network Systems and Security graduates also earn the  4011 InfoSec Professional Certification (National Security Agency) which is preferred for IT employment by many government agencies. The Computer Network Systems and Security program at Bay College is the only computer security or information assurance program in the Upper Peninsula accredited by the National Security Agency (NSA).  The 4011 InfoSec Professional certificate is recognized by federal agencies as the "gold standard" in cybersecurity, in fact many government agencies will hire graduates with this certification over a 4 year graduate and then pay for the student to complete a 4 year degree!  

According to the State of Michigan, employment in a Computer Network Systems career is looking great through the year 2022. Network Administrators, Computer Systems Analysts, Information Systems managers, Computer Support Specialists, and Information Security technicians will all experience 20% to 30% increases in position openings between now and the year 2022. Many of these positions will offer starting wages of $17 to $23 per hour.

CNSS Department Job Line for April 2017 -  IT job opportunities less than 50 miles of Escanaba.

 The CNSS labs have recently been renovated and are filled with new workstations with I7 processors, 16 Gig RAM and newly released Windows 10.



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