Here are a few of the CNSS Dept's favorite geek tools...Enjoy!
Information on Windows 10 issues - I like Windows 10, but sometimes it doesn't like the hardware I am using.  Good resource for when Windows 10 'breaks bad on you'!

How to Roll Windows 10 back to Windows 7 - for when it it goes nuclear!

Great tool for migrating data from Win 7/8/8.1/10 to a new Windows 10 (and free til Aug 31)

AVG-AV_2011free_1.jpg AVG Free Antivirus-  one of the best AV tools available...and free!

Microsoft Security Essentials - AV and Anti Spyware

Malwarebytes- the best malware removal tool (free for 30 days)

CCleaner- one of the best all around cleaners and registry tuners available

Combofix- for the really bad virus infections! (read directions or ask a geek for help...this one is technical!)

Secunia Online Scanner (patch system)- protect yourself from new threats like the holes in Java!

Crucial Memory Scanner- great tool to

Ninite-  speeds up reloading systems. If you reload systems for a living...this is money in the bank! 


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