4 Year Degree Transfer Opportunities

CNSS Department at Bay College prides itself on offering advanced technology skills, coupled with rigorous academic standards and curriculum.  Over the last few years, several universities have acknowledged this by signing articulation agreements (first year or two years of university degree are taught by instructors at Bay College). The Associate of Arts in Network Administration is the only computer degree that articulates fully (everything transfers to universities) offered at Bay College.

If you plan to transfer you should enroll in the Associate of Arts in Network Administration degree that meets the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) requirements.  Students that complete the AA in Network Administration can take advantage of the articulation to Mobile and Web Programming 4 year degree at Northern Michigan University.

Bay College Network Administration AA to Northern Michigan University Mobile and Web Programming 4 year degree - Earn the first two years of your 4 year CS degree while staying at home and transfer 64 credits and an AA degree to this excellent CS program with great internship opportunities and job placement.  Start at Bay College and then transfer your  credits to a 4 year university.  Now "that" is how to "Learn the Bay Way"!

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