Co-op Work Experiences

Co-op \ Internship Work Experience

Co-op work experiences are required by the CNSS Department for graduation.  The CNSS Advisory Board (local IT shops and IT Departments) requires graduates of our program to have served a Co-op. Co-op experience now require student to submit to a background check.  This requirement was requested by local employers. It is a class that student signs up for and "attends class" at the worksite rather than sitting in a class.  Examples of co-op work sites are local schools, IT companies, IT departments at local companies, and local city and county government.

Students successfully completing a Co-op receive an evaluation from the employer worksite.  CNSS instructors use this evaluation to assign a grade and the student can use this to help themselves to get a job.  Co-op work experience is designed to help students find employment!

Example of typical Co-op experiences

-IT Analyst II for Tribal community (filled)
-K-8 School Tech Coordinator (filled)
-Bench Tech in Delta County (filled)
IT Tech Support local engineering company (open)
K-12 School Tech Coordinator (filled)
IT Tech Support community college (filled)
IT Help Desk support for community college (open)
-Bench Tech in Dickinson County (open)
IT Software Support Tech local hospital (filled)

Co-op crew that installed 5,000 feet of wiring at Holy Name K-8 school.

Co-op student installing Wifi APs in local medical facility.

Co-op students have boxes in a row so they can pull 6 cables at once through ceiling.

CNSS co-op student learns to attach cabling to "fish stick" prior to pulling cable through ceiling.

Co-op student uses Microsoft Remote Installation Services (RIS) to "image" multiple systems as part of 200 system "roll-out". 

                                                                               Last updated 6/3/2014