CHLD 101
Foundations in Early Childhood Care
This course will introduce the field of early childhood care and education including historical and multicultural perspectives; understanding the principles of learning and development for ages birth through age 8; intentional teaching; building partnerships with families; guiding young children; planning and implementing effective curriculum in support of physical, cognitive and social emotional growth and development; authentic assessment of learning and development through observations and Developmentally Appropriate Practices. This course meets the Council for Professional Recognition CDA Subject Areas 1-4 and 6-8.
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 3.00

CHLD 103
Child Development (Ages 3-8)
This course examines the growth and development patterns of children ages 3-8 including physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and language development. The influences of health, play, families, the early childhood education experience and other environmental factors impacting development will be addressed. A variety of authentic assessment tools will be utilized to address the Assessment/Observations/curriculum cycle.
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 3.00

CHLD 110
HealthSafetyNutrition-Early Childhd
This course offers the early childhood practitioner introductory information concerning the health, safety and nutritional needs of young children ages birth through 8 years. Exploration and application of State Child Care Licensing Standards and health education will be included. This course will meet the Council for Professional Recognition CDA Subject Areas 1 & 2.
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 3.00

CHLD 120
Child Guidance
This course focuses on positive classroom management and child guidance strategies based on the interrelationship of developmental age/ stages as well as the role of indirect and direct guidance. Understanding and managing anger/ aggression will be included in support of the ultimate goal of child guidance, and the development of self-control. Prerequisites: CHLD-101 and CHLD-103
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 3.00

CHLD 125
Infant/Toddler Dev and Programming
This course addresses the physical, cognitive,language, social and emotional development for children ages 0-3 years. Planning safe, stimulating, developmentally appropriate environments for the care of infants and toddlers, and strategies that support and empower families through respectful and reciprocal relationships are included. Appropriate observation, documentation and assessment techniques of infant and toddler growth are studied. Prerequisite: CHLD-101 and CHLD-103.
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 3.00

CHLD 130
Curriculum Dev and Assessment I
This course will focus on research based early childhood curriculum models; the role of teachers in and importance of play in early childhood learning and development; and the child assessment/observation/ curriculum cycle. Developmentally appropriate programming to promote physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development will be selected and implemented in the required 90-hour practicum. A criminal history background check, central registry clearance, physical examination and TB test are required. Prerequisites: CHLD 101 and CHLD 103.
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 3.00

CHLD 135
Introduction to Childrens Literatur
This course offers a survey of prose and poetry suitable for toddlers and preschool age children. Work will include the presentation and selection of materials designed to give experience with children's books that will aid in the stimulation and guidance of reading. It includes student participation involving the reading of selections from children's literature and student understanding that curriculum development is based on developmentally appropriate literature being embedded throughout the day and within play. Prerequisite: ENGL-101
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 3.00

CHLD 200
Inclusion in Early Chldhd Programs
This course will include resources and models for early childhood special education in the child care community. Techniques and strategies for adapting material and environments in support of all children’s development will be emphasized. Prerequisite: CHLD-103. Corequisite: PSYC-201.
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 3.00

CHLD 230
Curriculum Dev and Assessment II
This course will focus on the assessment/observation/curriculum development cycle including the role of teachers in and importance of play in early childhood learning and development; curriculum development and implementation of developmentally appropriate activities to promote physical, cognitive and socialemotional development. An emphasis on math, science and social studies programming will be included. Artifacts demonstrating NAEYC Standards competence will be collected for professional capstone portflio development. The 90-hour practicum requires a criminal history background check, central registry clearance, physical examination and TB test. Pre-requisite: CHLD 130
Credit Hrs: 6.00  Contact Hrs: 6.00

CHLD 240
Admin in Early Childhood Programs
This course covers administrative and managerial skills needed to administer early childhood programs including the use of observation, documentation and planning to support children's development and learning. Organizing, planning, record keeping and communication with the public and parents are addressed. Emphasis on ethical practices, workforce issues, professional development, goal setting, networking and the importance of positive family relationships as well as a firm foundation in the principles of child development and learning are included. This course meets the requirement for Council for Professional Recognition/ CDA Subject Areas 4, 5, 6, and 8.
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 3.00

CHLD 272
Practicum in Early Chldhd Educ
This course will focus on planning, implementing and evaluating integrated, developmentally appropriate curriculum based on authentic assessment/child observations in support of physical, cognitive and social-emotional development and learning. A professional capstone portfolio based on the NAEYC Standards for Teacher Training will be completed and presented. The course includes a 120 hour practicum which requires a criminal history background check, Central Registry Clearance, physical examination and TB test. Pre-requisite: CHLD 230.
Credit Hrs: 6.00  Contact Hrs: 6.00

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