FYE 101
College Success Strategies
This course is designed to help students with their transition to college. Students will learn skills and strategies necessary for success in college but also in the workplace and life. Emphasis is placed on learning goal-setting, self-motivation, time management, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, collaboration, and personal responsibility. In addition, students will learn basic study skills and test taking skills. Students will also learn about the resources available to them at Bay College to support their success.
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 3.00

FYE 102
Introduction to College
This course is designed to assist students’ transition into college. Students will learn strategies that will help them be successful in college and the work place. Strategies taught include: taking personal responsibility, changing mindset, making informed choices, identifying life values and purpose, goal etting, leadership, and managing emotions. This course is designed for Early College students.
Credit Hrs: 2.00  Contact Hrs: 2.00

FYE 103
Career Exploration
This course is designed to assist students in developing a career path. Through self-assessment exercises, which evaluate skills, interests, personality, and values, students will become aware of various career options. Students will make informed decisions about choice of major and career goals based on research and reflection.
Credit Hrs: 1.00  Contact Hrs: 1.00

FYE 104
College Study Skills
This course is designed to help students learn or improve upon their knowledge of college-level study and test-taking skills, learning processes, college resources, and attitudes and practices needed for successful learning.
Credit Hrs: 2.00  Contact Hrs: 2.00

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