Karl Linderoth
HATC Lab 400

Karl Linderoth is a CNSS and GIS Instructor at Bay de Noc Community College in Escanaba.  Linderoth previously managed his own IT Company and served as  the Director of IT Services for  Six County Employment Alliance\Michigan Works. He holds a Masters of Science in Career Tech Ed and Information Systems from Ferris State University where he specialized in server middleware scripting and open source applications and operating systems. Linderoth was named an Outstanding Educator at Bay College in 2005-2006, and again in 2010-2011.  Linderoth holds CompTIA Network+ and Convergence+ certifications and multiple Microsoft certifications.

Linderoth recently completed a post graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems and GeoSpatial Studies from George Mason University in Virginia. Coursework included:

-ArcGIS Advanced Desktop I
-ArcGIS Advanced Desktop II
-Components of Geospatial Technologies
-Spatial Analysis (Network analysis)
-Human Terrain (Cultural Geography)
-Geodatabase Administration (WebDb)
-Crime Mapping (Digital forensics)
-Advanced Cartography (Map Making).

Though the academic learning was superb Linderoth is a firm believer that the only way to learn a subject thoroughly is in the "school of hard knocks".  To that end Linderoth worked full time during the summer of 2014 at a local regional planning agency to apply his skills to make the Bike Maps for this central upper peninsula.  Also, he is currently in talks to arrange another work experience for this coming summer working with a state agency to digitize maps for natural resource management. GIS students can look forward to an instructor who not only mastered the academics of GIS, but one who has been there and done these skills as well.