Transfer Opportunities to 4 year Universities

*The Geographic Information Systems department at Bay College is pleased to announce the completion of a Transfer Guide to the 4 year Geomatics degree at Northern Michigan University!

Transfer to NMU Geomatics

While completing the GIS degree, students must also complete these additional courses (MATH 210, ENGL 102, one Soc Sci, two Humanities, and BIOL 108 lab while taking BIOL 107) in order to complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).  These courses can be taken at Bay College at lower tuition and for far less room and board while staying at home.  Once completed the student will graduate from Bay College with an AAS in Geographic Information Systems and then transfer as a Junior to Northern Michigan University' Geomatics 4 year program.  

Reasons to consider staying at Bay College for two years prior to transferring:
  • To earn an Associates of Applied Science Degree (recommended by many universities).
  • To take advantage of hands on, high tech courses in your first semester of college!
  •        To obtain the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)stamp which will help ensure you do not take extra or unnecessary General Education courses at the university.
  •        Financial savings of approximately $5,000 to $10,000 (or more) per year when considering tuition, fees, room and board, etc...
  •            To avoid being taught by graduate assistants who teach many freshman and sophomore level classes at the universities in those 200+ seat lecture labs.  
  •         Transfer scholarships are not always available to students who transfer after one year.
Other NMU programs that many Bay College GIS degree courses transfer well to :

Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Outdoor Recreation -Leadership and Management

Fisheries and Wildlife Management

Secondary Education (Undeclared, Focus in Geography)

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