ARTS 101
Intro to Art Design
An introductory course with an emphasis on the three-dimensional aspects of art. Experimentation with varied media directed towards expressive ends in the third dimension or sculptured form.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 4.00

ARTS 117
Digital Photography I
The purpose of this course is to teach students to become good photographers, using the camera and editing tools to convey ideas and vision in artistic ways. Through a mixture of technical instruction, shooting, classroom critique and aesthetic principles, students will learn to communicate through the medium of photography.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 4.00

ARTS 118
Intro to Graphic Communication
This is an introduction into graphic communication concepts. This course will focus on design and aesthetics as well as the productive and technological aspects of the industry. Prerequisite: ARTS 175 with a C or better.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 4.00

ARTS 175
Intro to Visual Structures
The study of artistic terminology in relation to visual perception and communication. Study of artistic impression, color and patterns, and their use will be highlighted. Students will demonstrate these principles with the use of digital software and hardware.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 4.00

ARTS 217
Digital Photography II
This course continues students’ exploration into the artistic medium of photography. Students will continue to learn aesthetic principles about light, composition, and form, as well as deepen their knowledge of editing software. Prerequisite: ARTS-117 with a “C” or better or permission of the instructor.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 4.00

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