How do I apply for the Honors Program/Courses?
Complete the Honors Program Application order to apply. All application materials should be delivered to the Interim Dean of Admission Services.

How do I register for Honors courses?
Honors students must contact Honors Program Advisor Mike Young in order to add or drop an Honors course every semester. Mike can be reached at 906-217-4034 or  Honors Scholars must also coordinate with their regular academic advisor to plan ahead for scheduling their Honors courses.

What is the deadline for applying to the Honors Program/Courses?
Applications for the Honors Program are accepted year-round. However, the ability to register for Honors courses is dependent upon specified institutional deadlines. In addition, priority for Honors Program Scholarships may be given to students who are accepted into the Honors Program by February 15 of each year.

What are the responsibilities of Honors Scholars?
The Honors Program Policy Handbook provides all the details regarding the responsibilities of Honors Scholars, Honors Faculty, and how the program is implemented across all college departments. It also includes information on the history of the program and our involvement with other regional and national honors associations. 

How do I know if a course in the myBay system is an Honors course?
Honors courses are currently listed in the myBay registration system as an "H" section, typically offered at the same time as a regular section of the same course. For example, there might be 2 Honors students in the same course section with 28 other students in the course. However, the Honors courses are listed with the "H" on the course number, such as COMM 103H. Some courses, such as ENGL 101H, however, may be offered as a separate section open only to Honors students.

Can West Campus students participate in the Honors Program?
Yes! Some Honors courses can be made available at the Bay College West Campus. However, in order to complete the Honors Program students will likely have to complete some of the Honors courses at the Main Campus.  

What happens if I am in the Honors Program but I cannot complete all the Honors Program requirements before I graduate?
Honors course designation will appear on student transcripts for any Honors course completed, and Honors Scholars may complete any number of Honors courses. If you do complete the specified Honors program requirements, you will receive additional recognition at commencement and on your transcripts.
What courses can be taken as Honors courses?
ANTH 201H: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology-Honors
ARTS 163H: Theater Appreciation-Honors
COMM 103H: Interpersonal Communication-Honors 
ENGL 101H: Rhetoric and Composition-Honors
ENGL 200H: American Literature-Honors
HIST 101H: Western Civilization to 1600-Honors
HIST 102H: Western Civilization 1600 to Present-Honors
HIST 211H: US History to 1865-Honors
HIST 212H: US History from 1865-Honors
HIST 232H: History of Technology in America-Honors
LEAD 200H: Introduction to Leadership-Honors
MUSC 153H: Music Appreciation-Honors
NURS 250H: Nursing Knowledge: Synthesis to Adult Populations-Honors
PHIL 230H: Introduction to World Religions-Honors
POLI 111H: American Government-Honors
POLI 201H: International Relations-Honors
POLI 262H: State and Local Government-Honors
WGST 200H: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies-Honors
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* Honors course offerings and availability may vary each semester.
* Honors courses are not available in an online format.
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