ELEC-130    Circuit Fundamentals I
This course is designed as an introduction to electrical and electronic concepts. Course topics included are: DC and AC circuit concepts: voltage, charge, current, energy, and power; fundamental circuit laws; characteristics of resistance, capacitance and inductance; basic magnetic concepts and circuits; basic transformer principles. Electrical safety and test equipment usage are taught and practiced.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 4.00
ELEC-145  Basic Process Control
An introductory course in the operation, calibration, and application of electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic process systems. Process variable systems include: temperature, pressure, level, flow, analytical and microprocessing systems.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 6.00
ELEC-180 Electric Machinery and Controls
A study of the characteristics and operating principles of Direct and Alternating Current Machinery and Equipment. Also covered are control circuits, maintenance, and trouble analysis. Prerequisite: ELEC-130.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 4.00
ELEC-285 Fluid Power
A study of the principles and applications relating to Hydraulics and Pneumatics used in industrial equipment applications. The course will cover symbology used in fluid power, flow, and pressure relationships, and hydraulic circuitry. This course is designated as a basic introductory course for both electrical and non-electrical majors.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 4.00
ELEC-290 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers
An introduction to industrial computer applications for hardware control of manufacturing equipment. Students will learn the concepts and principles of Programmable Logic Controllers, including timed events, counting control, sequencing control, and input/output control.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 4.00
TECH-100 Basic Machine Tool Operation
This lecture/laboratory course emphasizes machine shop procedures and safety practices. Introduction to the basic operation of the engine lathe, milling machine, surface grinder, and drill press will be covered. The use and care of precision measuring tools will be undertaken. Coordinate measuring machine will be introduced.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 6.00
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