PHED 110
Physical Fitness and Jogging
A practical approach for students who desire to improve their fitness levels. Fitness and jogging tests will be used to improve the individual’s efficiency and to maintain a higher level of physical fitness for a better way of life.
Credit Hrs: 1.00  Contact Hrs: 1.50

PHED 114
A course for beginners through advanced bowlers. Students are taught techniques, terminology, scoring, practice, and competition in individual and team events. Students will bowl at local bowling alley. Normally offered in Fall and Winter semesters.
Credit Hrs: 1.00  Contact Hrs: 1.50

PHED 116
The importance of walking, hiking, and jogging is stressed. Actual participation in hiking trips. Students plan several hikes during the semester. Normally offered in the Fall and Summer semesters.
Credit Hrs: 1.00  Contact Hrs: 1.50

PHED 141
Physical Fitness Wellness Approach
This course provides a practical approach toward better health, wellness, and an improved quality of life. Students will perform a wellness self-assessment, develop a personal wellness plan, and work on wellness activities outside of class. Class discussions and lecture will focus on life style changes. Some class time will be devoted to individualized wellness activity plans.
Credit Hrs: 2.00  Contact Hrs: 2.00

PHED 144
Effective Stress Management
The student will develop an understanding of stress and its impact on the student’s health and well-being. Various effective stress management techniques will be introduced, discussed, and practiced during course time. Students will develop personalized stress management plans.
Credit Hrs: 2.00  Contact Hrs: 2.00

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