larsonc.jpgCory Larson is an eight year Army Veteran who is proud of his military experience. All of his service time was overseas where he had the privilege of participating in campaigns that exposed him to many different cultures. These exposures allowed him to view important topics from several different perspectives.

In 2002, he was honorably discharged from the military and began his career as a Bay College student enrolled in Water Resource Management. He received the distinguished honor of Outstanding Technology Division Graduate from Bay in 2005 and transferred to LSSU to pursue higher education. Upon completion of his Environmental Management Degree at LSSU he also received their Outstanding Graduate Award for 2008.
Cory is no stranger to a student's responsibility of balancing school, work, and personal life. During the time in which he was enrolled as a full-time student, he also worked in the consulting field for water, wastewater, and environmental impact analysis. In addition to this, he was commuting to LSSU while his wife and son remained in Gladstone due to her enrollment at NMU. 
He has been a part-time employee on and off for Bay College since 2005. He served as the lab assistant in the Water Tech Program as well as an adjunct chemistry teacher. The part of teaching he enjoys the most is observing the learning process and molding students into professionals. He realizes that not only is he a teacher, but also a student, meaning there are many beneficial ideas and concepts that can be learned from individuals in his classroom. 

Cory is happily married to his wife, Elena, and has two sons, Ethan and Hayden. They reside in Gladstone and are happy to be part of the Bay College team as Cory accepted the full-time position of faculty member in charge of the Water Tech Program in 2009.