"Completing the Water Technology Program
at Bay has changed my life."


"The jouney I took to receive this degree was long and hard but totally worth it in the end. I first attended Bay in the year 2008. After spending two years in the Water Resource Program, I quit. I didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. After a year of working as a janitor and hearing about how my fellow classmates were getting awesome jobs in the Water/Wastewater field, I know I had to return to Bay and finish up my degree. It took me another two years to finally achieve my goal.

Two days after I graduated, I got a job in Lower Michigan in the city of Milan. I couldn't be happier. I am making great money, with benefits, and opportunities to continue my education. Completing the Water Program at Bay has changed my life. I would do it all over again if I had to. The opportunities in this field are endless. I could go anywhere. I have fun at my job and I learn something new every day. I would strongly suggest this program to anyone who wants to have a great job and is wiling to put in the the hard work. I can't thank Bay enough for giving me an education and for helping me do something awesome with my life."

~ Gabe Miller, 2013


"I found a career before I had even graduated from the program!"

"My experience at Bay has been a great accomplishment and success in my life.  I thank God for opening the doors and giving me favor to be where I am at today.  I started the Water Resource Management 1+1 program down in lower Michigan and transferred to Bay to finish the program.  I had no idea what I was really getting myself into and how great the demand is for job opportunities until I came to Bay and started this program.  I am very blessed that God has allowed me to go down this path and that He has brought me to meet such great people in the program throughout my time here.  The instructors and students in this program are always helping and giving support in any way possible to encourage each other to make it through the program.

My success here at Bay is that I found a career before I had even graduated from the program!  Bay’s water program has a great reputation in this field of study.   My current employer at the Menominee Water/Wastewater Department was willing to start me off right away while working around my class schedule.  After graduation, I will become a full time employee receiving full benefits and paid time off. I never thought that I could have made this a career before graduating and receiving a degree, but with God all things are possible.  All the hard work and effort has finally paid off, at age 20, I have started off right away with a great paying job and this is just the beginning for a great and successful future for me and my family!"

~ Michelle Torres, 2015


"For me, finding success at Bay has been accomplished."

"Before becoming a Bay college student I was unemployed. After twenty-two years in one industry I was laid-off due to advancements in technology and the corporate trend towards higher productivity and increased profits. With only a high school education, I found myself to be locked out of the higher paying jobs that I was accustomed to. So, in January of 2005, I enrolled in Bay de Noc Community College’s highly recognized Water Tech program. I faced some educational challenges, but what were my choices? I had to develop better writing and more advanced math skills. Learn new concepts of water and wastewater treatment and chemistry. 
At Bay’s campus I received a tremendous amount of support for my new undertaking. To help achieve high marks in my math and English classes the Trio tutoring center was always there willing to assist. Being out of work can be financially challenging as well, but the Financial Aid department at Bay helped sustain me by securing Federal aid, scholarships, and a work/study job. Without the dollars, an education would have seemed impossible. Near the completion of my studies I performed my water and wastewater treatment professional field experience (co-op) here in Escanaba. The co-op allowed me to gain insightful applications to what I have been studying the last two and a half years. With the instructional help of plant operators I was able to gain confidence and achieve a quality understanding of day-to-day operations of water and wastewater treatment. 
I look forward to receiving an Associate of Applied Science degree in Water Resource Management this May of 2008. Prospects look good for a new and satisfying career for years to come in a field with many applications and demands. For me, finding success at Bay has been accomplished."

~ Joseph Kelly, 2008

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