WELD 110
Oxygen Fuel Welding and Cutting
This lecture/laboratory course presents the underlying principles used in application of oxygen fuel, torch cutting, or brazing. Students also receive basic instruction in oxygen-acetylene welding of cast iron.
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 4.00

WELD 120
Arc Welding
This course is designed for students wishing a basic understanding of electric arc welding theory and applications. Emphasis is placed on manual techniques of shielded metal arc welding and oxy fuel cutting.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 6.00

WELD 210
Advanced Arc Welding
Major emphasis...Included in this course are air carbon arc cutting, plasma arc cutting, use of the CNC burning table, and automatic torch cutting. At the end of this course students will take a welding test in an attempt to become certified welders, according to the AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Welding code. Prerequisite: WELD-120.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 6.00

WELD 220
Gas Metal Arc Welding MIG
This course is designed to give the student the basic theory and application of semi-automatic wire-feed welding. Emphasis is placed on Short Arc, Flux Cored Arc, Spray Arc, and Self-Shielded Arc processes.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 6.00

WELD 240
Basic Pipe Welding
This skill course is designed specifically for those students wishing to challenge the American Welding Society Certification test on structural and/or pipe welding. Prerequisite: WELD-210 or permission of instructor.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 6.00

WELD 260
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding TIG
The student will learn to produce welds safely with high frequency, gas tungsten arc welding equipment. Welding safety, gas tungsten arc welding fundamentals, equipment adjustments, current changes, polarity changes, and shielding gases will be stressed. Emphasis will be placed on the steel, aluminum, and stainless steel welding process. Prerequisite: None; however previous welding experience recommended.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 6.00

WELD 280
Advanced Pipe Welding
The student will learn to produce welds on pipe and tubing to comply with the A.S.M.E., Section IX, of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Welding safety, polarity changes, current adjustments, and shielding gases will be stressed. Emphasis will be on root and fill pass welding using gas tungsten arc and shielded metal arc welding processes. Prerequisite: WELD-240 or equivalent.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 6.00

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