General Education Courses

ENGL-101 Rhetoric and Composition * (required for all degrees)
ENGL-102 Research Writing *
ENGL-145 Technical Report Writing *
COMM-103 Interpersonal Communications
COMM-104 Public Speaking
* Meets the MACRAO Composition requirement
BUSN-177 Mathematics of Business **
MATH-105 Intermediate Algebra **
MATH-106 Technical Algebra & Trigonometry I **
MATH-107 Liberal Arts Math ***
MATH-110 College Algebra
MATH-111 Trigonometry
MATH-125 Technical Algebra & Trigonometry II **
MATH-130 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I ***
MATH-141 Analytical Geometry & Calculus I
MATH-142 Analytical Geometry & Calculus II
MATH-210 Introduction to Statistics
MATH-225 Technical Calculus
MATH-243 Analytical Geometry & Calculus III
MATH-244 Differential Equations
MATH-250 Introduction to Linear Algebra
** AAS degrees only
*** AA or AAS degrees only
Natural Science
BIOL-103 Essential Biology
BIOL-104 Human Biology
BIOL-107 & 108 Environmental Science & Lab
BIOL-110 Evolution & Diversity
BIOL-112 Cells & Molecules
BIOL-200 Plant Biology
BIOL-202 Plants & Animals
BIOL-213 Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL-214 Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL-220 Animal Biology
BIOL-226 Microbiology
BIOL-255 & 256 Genetics & Lab
BIOL-270 & 271 Ecology & Lab
CHEM-103 Essential Chemistry
CHEM-107 Human Chemistry
CHEM-108 Technical Chemistry
CHEM-110 General Chemistry I
CHEM-112 General Chemistry II
CHEM-201 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM-202 Organic Chemistry II
GEOG-110 Physical Geography
PHYS-103 Conceptual Physical Science
PHYS-201 Elements of Physics I
PHYS-202 Elements of Physics II
PHYS-205 Engineering Physics I
PHYS-206 Engineering Physics II
Social & Behavioral Science Courses
ANTH-201 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ECON-120 Personal Finance
ECON-131 Macroeconomics
ECON-132 Microeconomics
EDUC-202 Educational Psychology
GEOG-102 Introduction to Geography
GEOG-125 World Regional Geography – Developed World
GEOG-126 World Regional Geography – Developing World
HIST-101 Western Civilization to 1600
HIST-102 Western Civilization 1600 to Present
HIST-211 U.S. History to 1865
HIST-212 U.S. History 1865 to Present
HIST-220 Michigan History
LEAD-200 Introduction to Leadership
PHIL-240 Introduction to World Religions
POLI-110 Comparative Government & Politics
POLI-111 American Government
POLI-201 International Relations
POLI-262 State and Local Government
PSYC-201 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC-206 Social Psychology
PSYC-210 Psychology of Learning
PSYC-220 Developmental Psychology
PSYC-280 Abnormal Psychology
SOCY-103 Cultural Diversity
SOCY-151 Sociology
SOCY-207 Social Problems
SOCY-208 Marriage & the Family
ANTH-201 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ARTS-163 Theater Appreciation
ARTS-204 Art History I
ARTS-207 Art History II
CJUS-240 Approaches to Ethics in Criminal Justice
COMM-201 Mass Communication and Popular Culture
COMM-225 Introduction to Film: History & Interpretation
ENGL-150 Introduction to Literature
ENGL-200 American Literature
ENGL-203 Shakespeare
ENGL-205 World Literature
ENGL-206 Special Topics in the Humanities
ENGL-208 Writing Poetry & Short Fiction
ENGL-209 Writing Creative Non-Fiction
ENGL-210 British Literature
ENGL-211 Women’s Literature
ENGL-280/281/282 Special Topics in Literature
FREN-111 French I
FREN-112 French II
GRMN-101 German Language & Culture I
GRMN-102 German Language & Culture II
HIST-101 Western Civilization to 1600
HIST-102 Western Civilization 1600 to Present
MUSC-153 Music Appreciation
PHIL-201 Introduction to Western Philosophy
PHIL-202 Introduction to Asian Philosophy
PHIL-203 Introduction to Biomedical Ethics
PHIL-204 Approaches to Ethics
PHIL-240 Introduction to World Religions
SPAN-101 Spanish I
SPAN-102 Spanish II
SPAN-220 Spanish III
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