Criminal Justice & Law

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Keep Society Safe

In Criminal Justice and Law careers, you’ll protect the people and places in your community and ensure the safety of your city and state so that all may live in a safe and secure environment. Criminal Justice has 3 major areas: Law Enforcement, Court Systems, and Corrections. No matter what path you follow, you’ll gain the abilities and skills needed to positively influence your surrounding for the benefit of society.

Criminal Justice and Law Programs


Program Name

Certificate/Degree Requirements

Academic Map

Course Information

Corrections Officer Corrections Officer Certificate Requirements (PDF) Corrections Officer Academic Map (PDF) Corrections Officer Course Information (PDF)
Private Security Private Security Certificate Requirements (PDF) Private Security Academic Map (PDF) Private Security Course Information (PDF)
Corrections Corrections AAS Degree Requirements (PDF) Corrections Academic Map (PDF) Corrections Course Information (PDF)
Law Enforcement Law Enforcement AAS Degree Requirements (PDF) Law Enforcement Academic Map (PDF) Law Enforcement Course Information (PDF)
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice AA Transfer Degree Requirements (PDF) Criminal Justice Academic Map (PDF) Criminal Justice Course Information (PDF)
Liberal Arts AA Transfer Degree Liberal Arts Academic Map (PDF) -

Degrees Beyond Bay College

Most graduates with a Certificate in Corrections seek admission to the State of Michigan Corrections Academy, which will make them eligible to become a corrections officer with the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC). Many graduates who hold an AAS or AA degree enter into a Regional or State police academy, while others pursue employment with a local agency or transfer to a university. 

Popular Bachelor's Degrees include:

  • Political Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Paralegal
  • Pre-Law

Criminal Justice and Law Career Information



Employment Details

Corrections Officer Corrections Officer Employment Details
Police Officer Police Officer Employment Details
Parole Officer Parole Officer Employment Details
Probation Officer Probation Officer Employment Details
Security Manager Security Manager Employment Details
Sheriff Deputy Sheriff Deputy Employment Details
Security Guard Security Guard Employment Details
Prison Guard Prison Guard Employment Details
Detective Detective Employment Details
Investigator Investigator Employment Details
Crime Scene Tech Crime Scene Tech Employment Details
Law Clerk Law Clerk Employment Details
Lawyer Lawyer Employment Details
Judge Judge Employment Details
FBI Agent FBI Agent Employment Details
Special Teams Special Teams Employment Details
Loss Prevention Loss Prevention Employment Details
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