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Help and Care for People

With a health care education, you’ll be entering one of the fastest growing job markets with endless opportunities for exciting careers. You’ll be responsible to care for patients and improve and enhance their quality of lives. You will use critical thinking skills and expertise you’ve developed through simulation lab experiences, collaborative clinical settings, and advanced medical environments to make a difference in the world and help those in need.

Health Care Programs


Program Name

Certificate/Degree Requirements

Academic Map

Course Information

Practical Nurse (LPN) Practical Nurse (LPN) Certificate Requirements (PDF) Practical Nurse (LPN) Academic Map (PDF) Practical Nurse (LPN) Course Information (PDF)
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certificate Requirements (PDF) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Academic Map (PDF) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Course Information (PDF)
Health Careers Health Careers Certificate Requirements (PDF) Health Careers Academic Map (PDF) Health Careers Course Information (PDF)
Nursing (Escanaba Campus) Nursing (Escanaba Campus) AAS Degree Requirements (PDF)  Nursing (Escanaba Campus) Academic Map (PDF) Nursing (Escanaba Campus) Course Information (PDF)
Nursing (Iron Mountain Campus) Nursing (Iron Mountain Campus) AAS Degree Requirements (PDF) Nursing (Iron Mountain Campus) Academic Map (PDF) Nursing (Iron Mountain Campus) Course Information (PDF)
Nursing (Escanaba Campus: Bridge) Nursing (Escanaba Campus: Bridge) AAS Degree Requirements (PDF) Nursing (Escanaba Campus: Bridge) Academic Map (PDF) Nursing (Escanaba Campus: Bridge Course Information (PDF)
Paramedic Paramedic AAS Degree Requirements (PDF) Paramedic Academic Map (PDF) Paramedic Course Information (PDF)
OIS Medical Office Specialist OIS Medical Office Specialist AAS Degree Requirements (PDF) OIS Medical Office Specialist Map (PDF) OIS Medical Office Specialist Course Information (PDF)
Pre-Professional Health Pre-Professional Health AS Transfer Degree Requirements (PDF) Pre-Professional Health Academic Map (PDF) Pre-Professional Health Course Information (PDF)
Pre-Medicine and Pre-Veterinary AS Transfer Degree Pre-Medicine and Pre-Veterinary Academic Map (PDF) -
Pre-Pharmacy AS Transfer Degree Pre-Pharmacy Academic Map (PDF) -
Pre-Physical Therapy AS Transfer Degree Pre-Physical Therapy Academic Map (PDF) -
Athletic Training AS Transfer Degree Athletic Training Academic Map (PDF) -

Popular Specialized Health Care Programs

• Dental Hygienists
• X-Ray Technician

• Sonography
• Surgical or Medical Assistant

Popular Bachelor's & Professional Health Care Degrees

• Registered Nurse (BSN)
• Nurse Anesthetist
• Nurse Practitioner
• Physical Therapist
• Occupational Therapist
• Doctor


Health Care Career Information



Employment Details

Practical Nurse (LPN) Practical Nurse (LPN) Employment Details
Registered Nurse (RN) Registered Nurse (RN) Employment Details
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Employment Details
Paramedic Paramedic Employment Details
Phlebotomist Phlebotomist Employment Details
Lab Technician Lab Technician Employment Details
Community Health Worker Community Health Worker Employment Details
Medical Office Specialist Medical Office Specialist Employment Details
Nurse (BSN, MSN) Nurse (BSN, MSN) Employment Details
Nurse Anesthetist Nurse Anesthetist Employment Details
Nurse Practitioner (NP) Nurse Practitioner (NP) Employment Details
Doctor Doctor Employment Details
Dentist Dentist Employment Details
Pharmacist Pharmacist Employment Details
Physician Assistant (PA) Physician Assistant (PA) Employment Details
Physical Therapist Physical Therapist Employment Details
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