Online Courses

CIS 101
Computer Concepts and Applications
This course will provide students with a fundamental level of computer literacy necessary in today's digital age. Topics will include hardware, software, the Internet, security, networks, and ethics. The course will focus on current technology issues as they apply to a student's professional and personal life. Students will also complete assignments using the most widely used application programs. Students may be required to use the computer lab to complete computer assignments.
Credit Hrs: 4.00  Contact Hrs: 4.00

COMM 103
Interpersonal Communication
Principles and practices of effective communication through readings, lectures, discussions, and demonstrations. Special focus on how personal, social, and professional relationships are established, defined, and maintained through verbal and nonverbal interaction. Contemporary concerns of gender, ethics, and global/cultural awareness are addressed.
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 3.00

COMM 201
Mass Comm and Popular Culture
This course examines the impact of mediated communication on our culture. Emphasis will be placed on description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of mass media forms and their integration in modern society. Meets Humanities requirement. Prerequisites: E, R.
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 3.00

ENGL 101
Rhetoric and Composition
This course is designed to help students develop their writing, reading, and thinking skills. Major emphasis is on writing and the writing process. Students will be assigned a variety of both formal and informal writings in expository, narrative, and persuasive modes. In addition, students will be expected to respond in writing to a variety of readings. Although instruction in grammar and mechanics is provided, students are expected to enter the course with a firm foundation in basic writing skills. Student papers will often be used to illustrate writing techniques. The writing lab will provide students with experience in using computers as a writing tool. Prerequisite: E, R.
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 3.00

ENGL 102
Research Writing
Research Writing provides instruction and practice in writing interesting, informative, and evaluative college research papers. Students will conduct library research, acquaint themselves thoroughly with a narrow topic of their choice, devise appropriate thesis statements, and develop their papers with material from a variety of authoritative sources using proper documentation. Prerequisite: ENGL- 101 with a ā€œCā€ or better.
Credit Hrs: 3.00  Contact Hrs: 3.00