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Strategies of Successful Students
Accept Personal Responsibility
► Discover Self-Motivation
► Master Self-Management
► Employ Interdependence
► Gain Self Awareness
► Adopt Life-Long Learning
► Develop Emotional Intelligence
► Believe in Themselves


Complete your degree at
Bay College

Across the United States, skilled and educated workers are needed to fill the jobs of the 21st Century. Prepare yourself to compete for jobs and contribute to your community by completing your Bay College Associate Degree.

Isn’t it time to finish what you started?

If you attended Bay College and:
  • Left for a job opportunity,
  • Transferred to another college or university,
  • Were unaware you were eligible for a degree,
  • Experienced financial hardship, or
  • Were uncertain about what courses were required….
 then NOW is a great time to finish what you started.
Regardless of your reason for leaving, Bay College is ready to help you complete your degree.

Need a reason to complete your degree?

  • Gain a competitive edge in the workforce
  • Qualify for higher paying jobs
  • Build your resume
  • Ease your transfer to colleges/universities
  • Be a role model for your children
  • Achieve your goals and dreams

Ready to get started?

  1. Contact Bay College:
    Phone: 800.221.2001
  2. Ask about degree completion
  3. Schedule an appointment to discuss your options
  4. Take action to complete your degree!

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