bus-stop.jpgBus Stop

Performed April 1-4, 2009 in the Besse Center Theater

In the middle of a snowstorm, a bus is stranded at a small cafe.  The weary travelers get to know each other as the time progresses.  They also get to know themselves better. Some call it a comedy, some a romance.  But it is definitely a classic.  

Bus Stop is a romance consisting of three different romantic relationships. The first of these is between Grace, a "grass widow" and Carl, a bus driver who's bus has been snowed in at the diner that Grace owns. Elma, a bookish young high school girl who is innocent in the ways of love and men, is being courted by an older gentleman by the name of Dr. Gerald Lyman, a former college professor who has an affinity towards young girls. Dr. Lyman, a man with three failed marriages, is a romantic who has not yet grown out of the idealism of being in love. The last romance is between Beau Decker, an obnoxious cowboy, and Cherie, a chanteuse. Beau, also innocent in the ways of love and women, has abducted Cherie with intentions to take her back to his ranch in Montana to marry her with or witout her permission.