Spelling Bee

SpellingLogo.jpgThe 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Performed November 4-7, 2010 in the Besse Center Theater

A fun, modern musical--appropriate for ages 12 and up
A junior high school gym is set up to host the county spelling finals. Winners from local elementary and middle schools begin to arrive and check in with the bee's long-time hostess—and former champion—Rona Lisa Pereti. Audience volunteers are also welcomed to the stage. A glitch: speller Olive Ostrovsky does not have her entrance fee; she hopes her father will get there soon to straighten it out. Vice-Principal Douglas Panch of Lake Hemingway-Dos Passos Junior High is announced as the day's word pronouncer - he's a last minute substitute for an ailing superintendent. Panch has a dubious track record at the bee but will try to do better this time. The rules are explained. When a speller misses a word, a bell will ring - ding - and the speller must immediately leave the stage, escorted, by the bee's comfort-counselor, Mitch Mahoney.