Reception for the exhibition, Aesthete, artwork by Timothy Armstrong

Artwork By Timothy Armstrong
Photo caption: Artwork by Timothy Armstrong

Bay College announces the reception for the exhibition, Aesthete, artwork by Timothy Armstrong. Please join us in the Besse Gallery on Thursday January 12th at 2 p.m. for the Opening Reception and Artist Talk.

Timothy Armstrong began painting in High School and attended the School of Associated Art in St. Paul, MN. A Carpenter of 27 years, the tools and techniques of his trade have greatly influenced his work. The human scale, abstraction and puzzling figure/ground relationships occur organically and surprisingly in each of his paintings.
A disciplined and prolific painter, his work materializes through a process of de-construction, paper tooled into gesso and intensely spontaneous graphite work.

His paintings have an air of immediacy and can be understood credibly as tenets to sparse, modern design fundamentals.
Artist Statement:
“My painting is to exemplify the relationships between actions. I do not set out with a particular image, premeditated; I must extract it. It must be allowed to emerge. My use of the materials, unpretentiously for exactly what they are. The hand with its knowledge and fallibility. Most crucial is the quality of observation and letting that subjugate how I discipline my decisions".
The exhibition of his work can be viewed in the Besse Gallery from January 12- February 23, 2017. Reception and Artist Talk, Thursday January 12th at 2 pm. 
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