Bay College Honors Outstanding Educators

ESCANABA – Bay College honored its 2015 Outstanding Part-Time Educators at an awards dinner held on April 28.   Don Johnson Agency/MEEMIC Insurance sponsored the Outstanding Educator Awards.  To receive consideration for the award, faculty were nominated by a colleague, student, or someone from the community.  The primary focus of this award is to acknowledge faculty’s commitment to education and excellence in service to others. 
Kristine Granger accepts the Outstanding Educator AwardKristine Granger
Kristine Granger was hired at Bay College in August of 2013 as an adjunct instructor in the arts and as the Fine Arts Coordinator in 2014.  She holds a Master and Bachelor of Fine Arts, an Associate of Science Degree and a Women’s Studies Certificate.  She teaches a broad array of courses at Bay College, including Art Design, Digital Photography, Drawing, Painting and Visual Structures. Over this past year, not only has Kristine displayed excellence in the classroom, she has coordinated the Bay College galleries and art shows, and has also led the development of the Arts and Design degree in collaboration with her Arts and Letters colleagues.  The program will begin this fall and will offer several new courses to our students, and very well may bring in a new population of students looking for careers in art and design. 

It is clear that Kristine goes out of her way for her students and is dedicated to their success.  Here are a couple of comments: “Kristine goes out of her way to meet the needs of her students with special care.  Coming from a university, you don’t get that same treatment and personal touch” and “I’ve been a student now for 7 years and have never met a person that teaches with the same love, passion and excitement.  She keeps the environment light and passes the same joy she has for art to her students.” 
Laurie Johnson accepts the Outstanding Educator AwardLaurie Johnson
Laurie was hired as an Adjunct Instructor in September of 2000.  She holds a Master and Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and she typically teaches Human Biology, but has also taught Essential Biology and Fundamentals of Biology. Laurie is passionate about her content.  She simply loves biology and it is evident when you are in her classroom.  In addition, if you spend time with her outside the classroom you can see why she teaches.  Laurie keeps up on current biological events, looks for development opportunities on her own, and really enjoys learning new science.  In addition to her duties in the classroom, Laurie is an active leader of the Part-Time Faculty Association and represents adjunct faculty both professionally and passionately.  She also encourages other adjuncts to model professional behavior by keeping current in their fields, much like she models in her classroom.  One of her most recent contributions to Bay College is her endeavors to make Open Educational Resources available to her students.  These OER can replace traditional books for Bay College courses and save our students hundreds of dollars.  While this takes a lot of time and effort, Laurie’s passion for her students and for biology have allowed for a current and inexpensive alternative for our students. This is what passion for education looks like, and we and our students are lucky to have Laurie Johnson as a part of our College.
Janet VanGasse accepts the Outstanding Educator AwardJan VanGasse
Jan was hired at Bay College for fall 2010, after retiring from the Kingsford Schools, and began immediately to transform the Spanish classroom at Bay West; literally with posters and instructional aids and figuratively with her enthusiasm and passion.  This enthusiasm is present in her classes and in other activities on campus she participates in through the Bay West Diversity Committee and in the community through the American Association of University Women.  Jan’s energy has also found an outlet in the virtual world.  Jan engaged in the College’s online training program and now complements her face-to-face instruction with internet teaching.  She meets students outside of class for tutoring and holds web meetings with online students using a web camera and microphone.  Her students always get that full measure of devotion.  As her nomination indicated, “Jan is a great teammate and always willing to help.”  A simple, powerful, and highly descriptive characterization of the person and the instructor.  Muchas gracias, Jan!
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