Bay College’s TRiO Club is Holding its Fourth Annual “Silent Night Auction”

For the fourth holiday season in a row, the Bay College TRiO club is holding its “Silent Night Auction” from November 30th – December 11th.  Students and friends of TRiO donate their goods, services, time, and talents for auction to help benefit the student organization, one of the largest and most active at Bay College.  The public auction will take place in the TRiO Office, 826, in the Learning Resources Center wing at Bay from 8am - 5pm Mondays through Thursdays, with the bids closing at 12pm on Friday, December 11th. Goods will be distributed and paid for the following week.

“We’re starting to receive some wonderful items, including paintings, quilted items, and other apparel, said TRiO Director, Jill Martin.  “These students give so much back to our community by tutoring and mentoring fellow students in need, volunteering time and service to local organizations, and creating unique social opportunities for other students at Bay.  It’s great to see the community lend them a helping hand during this special time of year.”

The auctioning of these items will help offset the costs of the annual TRiO Club trip in the Spring of 2015.  TRiO Club is a social, cultural, academic, and service-oriented student organization dedicated to fostering community among first generation, low-income, and disabled college students of all ages at Bay College. This trip will be a unique cultural and service opportunity for the club.

“This auction is a great way to get your holiday shopping done while helping out a very worthy group of students,” says TRiO Writing Center Specialist, Erica Mead.  For the past four years, thanks to a great collection of donations from students, staff, and friends of TRiO, the club has been able to raise enough money to take over seventy local students on trips to downtown Chicago, Tundra Lodge in Green Bay, camping at Six Flags in Gurney, IL, and The Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, MI.   On these trips, students enjoyed professional theater, some of the best museums in the country, fine dining, and most of all, a fun and relaxing weekend after successfully completing their final exams; another effective Silent Night Auction will help guarantee that their students will be able to go on another quality trip. “Many of our students have never had the financial opportunity to leave the Upper Peninsula, so getting to take them to a more metropolitan area is quite a thrill,” says Mead.

TRiO Club is an offshoot of the TRiO program at Bay College.  TRiO is a federal grant-funded, non-profit Student Support Services program whose mission is to help students who are underrepresented in higher education persist and obtain an associate’s degree by providing them support, guidance, and opportunities.  One aspect of the program is to provide positive community service opportunities for our students. “One constant quality I find among our students, year after year, is their selflessness.  Even with their busy academic schedules, there is always a group of students who are ready and willing to help others,” says Mead. The staff and students have volunteered their time and talents to organizations including the Delta County Animal Shelter, the Adopt-A-Highway campaign, Walk for Warmth, Marquette’s Beacon House, Tri County Safe Harbor, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Chicago’s Inspiration Café, Players de Noc, and St. Vincent de Paul. The spring trip is the staff’s way of thanking the students for the powerful academic and service work they’ve done throughout the year.

All community members are encouraged to participate in the Silent Night Auction.  For more information about TRiO, and how you can support their mission or get a student you know involved, please contact TRiO by phone (906) 217-4133, or by email at  
Bay College Main,
2001 N Lincoln Road, Escanaba, MI 49829
906.786.5802 Main Campus Directions