Bay College Announces Exhibition and Reception for Artist Sherri Aldred


Bay College announces the reception for the exhibition, "Chibimoodaywin” Migration, by Marquette artist Sherri Aldred in the Hartwig Gallery.

Artist Statement:
This series is a narrative of personal identity.  Through layering of human, geographical, and symbolic forms I seek to create a contemporary tale of family history.  Each piece reflects my aspirations, fears, and memories.  It addresses the loss of and connection to ancestral Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) beliefs and traditions.  Pieces in this body of work speak of struggles with cultural assimilation and stereotypes associated with religious ideologies from Catholic Indian boarding school experiences.  It is also my “visual” storytelling effort to communicate an indigenous belief system of inter-connectedness and growth.

My goal is to express this experience and connection to heritage and land by creating translucent textured landscapes of Lake Superior shorelines.  These are created through overlays of cyanotypes on silk, paper, and leather with encaustic wax.  The multi-layered spherical shape of each frame is a physical representation of the Anishinaabe belief in universal connection and cyclic pattern of life and death.  Strong organic linear elements and a contrast of saturation and brightness are the symbolic presence of life force in all things. The power of social, familial, and personal experience are influences that play heavily upon the formation of one’s identity.  I seek to explore and record how cultural assimilation, social/religious expectations, and intergenerational relations have laid their mark on my journey to understanding my place in the world.

The exhibition of her work can be viewed in the Hartwig Gallery from December 1- January 26, 2016 and the opening Reception is Tuesday December 1, 2015 at 1:00pm.
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