Bay College Diversity Committee Celebrates Women’s History Month with “Women in the Arts”

Poster for Women in the Arts series in MarchThe Bay College Diversity Committee is celebrating March’s Women’s History Month with a 3-part speaker series taking place March 23 – 25 in the Joseph Heirman University Center, Room 952C on the Escanaba campus.  The presentation series is titled “Women in the Arts” and is available to all interested students, staff, and community members.

Bay History professor and event coordinator June Klees states, “This year we decided to celebrate women in the arts. Typically, the traditional narrative of suffrage and women's rights is emphasized during women's history month celebrations, nationally.  Though this history is very important, it is also important to highlight the contributions of women to other aspects of our nation's cultural development."
The first speaker presentation will take place Monday, March 23rd from 12:30 – 2pm and will feature Bay Arts faculty member and Fine Arts Coordinator, Kristine Granger.  Granger will focus on gender and gender expression in art.

Jacqueline Beech will present next on Tuesday March 24th from 11:30am – 12:15pm.  Beach, a celebrated tattoo artist from Black Iris Studio located in Escanaba, will give a multimedia presentation titled, “Marked for Life -- Women in Tattoo: A historical, cultural and societal perspective of Women in the Tattoo Industry.” Beech states, “This presentation will look at a general overview of tattoo in human culture and history and segue into the great women of tattoo and their place in that history.  The discussion will center on the great sideshows acts of the 1800's, leading to the first documented American female tattooist, and move into some of the amazing legendary women still working today.”

Speaker John Matthews will close out the Women in the Arts celebration with his discussion taking place on March 24th from 4:00 – 5:00pm.  Matthews, a Western Civilization and Art History Professor at Bay, will contribute a dialogue titled, “Women in Art History.”

The Diversity Committee, consisting of faculty and staff from Bay’s Escanaba and Iron Mountain campuses, was reformed in the Spring of 2013 in an effort to promote and celebrate diversity through events and resources available both on and off Bay College’s campuses.  March’s Women’s History celebration is followed by Autism Awareness Month in April.

All Bay College students and faculty, as well as interested community members, are encouraged to participate in Women’s History Month.  For more information, please contact June Klees at (906) 217-4100 or by email at
Bay College Main,
2001 N Lincoln Road, Escanaba, MI 49829
906.786.5802 Main Campus Directions