Bay College Faculty Making a Positive Impact on Students

Student learning in higher education can be heavily impacted by the instructor of a course. Enthusiasm, depth of knowledge, quality of delivery and willingness to assist students in areas of difficulty all make for a positive and beneficial learning experience. At Bay College, data shows that students are more than pleased with the quality of instruction they are receiving.

In a 2015 Student Satisfaction Survey (Noel Levitz) taken by 172 Bay College students, there was only a .15 (2%) performance gap between student expectations and actual quality of delivery from instructors in the classroom. This very narrow gap demonstrates that faculty are meeting student expectations and giving them the quality educational experience they desire. It shows that faculty at Bay are impacting students positively, and this high level of satisfaction is not new. Excellent quality of instruction has shown to be a strength of Bay College every time this survey has been taken since 2007. Other areas that appeared as key strengths of the college included the well maintained campus, the up-to-date computing services, a caring and helpful staff, and the safe and secure learning environment.

“These results from our students mean a lot to the faculty. As instructors, we try to help students and give them the tools they need to succeed. Working with our dedicated students is very rewarding for us each and every day,” says Molly Campbell, an instructor in the Social and Behavioral Sciences and Humanities area.
The significance of knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and well-trained professors is invaluable. Instructors use their own education and experiences to shape the minds and beliefs of current students, as well as open their critical thinking skills and creativity. They help them excel down the path to graduation and prepare them for experiences they’ll have after receiving their certificate or associate degree at Bay. With a low student to instructor ratio of 15-1, it’s possible for a Bay College instructors to provide meaningful communication to students on a one-on-one basis, getting to know each student and helping them reach their academic goals.

It’s clear that all Bay College faculty demonstrate a commitment to student success. The results of the student satisfaction survey prove that instructors are helping to cultivate a positive learning environment that enriches the lives of countless students. They show their unwavering support for academics by providing quality instruction year after year. Thanks to Bay College faculty, students are graduating fully prepared to enter the workforce, continue their education, and make the community a better place with the skills and knowledge they’ve learned. For more information on Bay College, visit or phone admissions at (906)217-4010. 
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