Bay College Ranks High with Community


“The strategic priorities of Bay College surround Student Success, Community Success and a Culture of Success” indicates Kim Carne, VP of College Advancement.  In a recent community survey to receive feedback on Bay College’s impact in the community, participants ranked Bay College way above satisfactory in all areas.
94% are satisfied with the range of academic programs preparing students, as well as the overall quality of education provided by Bay College.  Comments included:
            It is great to see Bay offer new programs like EMT
            I love going to Bay.  I had a lot of success there!
            Bay continues to expand/modify its programs to meet the needs
            Great teaching staff
            I wish West would offer more complete degree programs
            Need more classes available online and outside of work hours for non-traditional
            It served me very well, I went on for a Master’s degree
93% of survey goers indicated they were particularly satisfied with Career Technical Education such as welding, automotive, nursing, computer systems, etc. to meet the employment needs of the community. Comments in this area included:
            I love the nursing program. I love my classes!
Need more health care options, it is the place where jobs are at.
Pleased to see Bay continues to look at the skills/trades education needs
Community colleges have a dual role and the vocational side is very important
The Training & Development programs received an 84% satisfaction rating, trailing behind accredited academic offerings.  Customized training and professional development programs as well as testing services ranked higher, with personal enrichment classes lagging.  Many are very familiar with the UP Safety Conference and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program available via M-TEC.  A plethora of personal enrichment opportunities were defined in the feedback.  Other comments included:
            I was very excited that Bay offered an Intuit Quickbooks certification course
            Would appreciate more professional and personal development opportunities
            Lots of opportunity untapped to advance people and community
The cultural programming ranked high at 95% with a 99% rating for the art exhibits on both the Escanaba campus and West Campus in Iron Mountain, indicating the art faculty are amazing at developing students and bringing high quality exhibits to campus.
            Love the Bay plays, film series, performances and lectures on diversity
            I would like to see the offerings expanded and make more known to the public
            So pleased with the art exhibits, the Besse space is so unique
            I feel fortunate to have Bay College in our community
The community at large was 97% satisfied with the overall quality of the services and facilities.
            Great tutoring, library, meeting rooms, and event services
            Staff is always friendly and helpful!
            Impressed with Bay’s facilities
It is clear administration always has the bigger picture in mind as demonstrated by improvements continually being made
Bay College’s catering service “Pamela’s Palette” also received high marks at 91%.  Respondents indicated it is tasty, fresh and convenient, but wish for a wider range of options.  The survey also asked for feedback on programs, offerings and/or activities the community would like to see on Bay College’s campuses.  The responses varied from personal enrichment and sports teams to new academic programs, including the desire for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for nurses, educators, etc., more career support and the desire for expanded 4 year Bachelor degree programs.  As one person noted, “anything that would be helpful to the growing needs of students and the community” is desired.

Bay de Noc Community College was founded in 1962 to serve Delta County and surrounding communities, expanding into Dickinson County 25 years later.  Today, Bay continues its commitment to be a leader in high quality education, training and development, providing higher educational opportunities that empower students and engage communities.  The end result: student and community success.  Bay College appreciates community feedback to continue to advance higher education and community development!  Visit for additional information on Bay.
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