Fading Away: The Artwork of Jessie Kriegl Fleury and Lindsey Kriegl Aleman


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Artworks of Jessie Kriegl Fleury and Lindsey Kriegl Aleman, sister artists display at Bay West

Bay West will be featuring the art exhibition entitled Fading Away, the works of Jessie Kriegl Fleury and Lindsay Kriegl Aleman. Sisters Jessie and Lindsey grew up in Norway and attended Norway High School where they both displayed promising art abilities. They both went on to receive Bachelors of Fine Arts Degrees from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI. Each sister was also the recipient of the Excellence Award for Drawing, the highest honor given in each department, for their respective years.

The pieces included in the exhibition deal heavily with self-reflection and the pondering of some of the hardest, but most important, issues in our lives. People often fear drowning in their own thoughts, but until they are willing to dive down to the depths to excavate their most important musings, they will only be treading water with trivial things. Each of the two artists deals with the idea of thought and reflection in manners that are strikingly different in style but largely similar in gravity. One artist wraps their figures in blank space and whiteness, illustrating how emptiness and quiet can be calming in one stage and anxiety inducing in another. The second artist opts for filling the canvas, and places her subjects in the midst of random and free-flowing ink wash, emphasizing the need to sometimes let go of strict control and to instead, examine the thoughts that arise when life makes thinking painful.

The public is invited to the reception to meet the artists on Tuesday, September 8th in the Lower Commons of Bay College West from 6 PM to 8 PM.  Refreshments will be served and music will be provided by pianist, Jan VanGasse. The exhibit can be viewed from August 21st to August 28th at Bay College West’s Upper Commons.
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