Interwoven: Fiber Works by Carol Irving

Photo caption: Cascade
Image of Carol Irving Artwork called Cascade
Bay College announces the reception for the exhibition in the Hartwig Gallery, Interwoven: Fiber Works by Carol Irving, artwork by Carol Irving. Please join us on Thursday September 14th, at 2 p.m. EST. for the reception and Artist Talk.

Artist Biography:
Detroit born, Carol Irving moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at the age of 24. Before her move to the Upper Peninsula she had earned a degree in Botany, lived in New Mexico and then Oregon, and always had a love for art, particularly fiber arts. She had taken an introductory class in weaving while in college and began to explore this art form on her own. Over the many years, she has fine-tuned her craft into an art. She has taken many workshops from noted weavers including British Rug Weaver, Peter Collingwood. Her works have won awards and honors in juried art and fiber shows throughout the Northern Midwestern states. Her work was included in the recently published book, The Art of Weaving.

“I’ve woven many things, but nothing gives me more pleasure than rugs and rug weaving. It is a continual challenge, offering a variety of techniques as well as studies in design and color. I find inspiration in so many forms; patterns found in nature, folk art, music, fabric and pottery.”

Driven by a love for the materials she employs, Carol weaves bright and stimulating images into her rugs. In her work the artist seeks to convey her passion for fiber, color, and design brought together in excellent craftsmanship. She weaves her richly colored yarns on a loom much the way people have been weaving for centuries. Each rug is a totally unique piece of American Craft. Her designs range from very contemporary and geometric to organic shapes and images. “I am committed to excellent craftsmanship so that my rugs are not only functional but pleasing to look at.” Her work is striking when hung on the wall, visually bold from a distance and tactile in its intricate detail.

In the late 90’s, Carol returned to school to earn another degree, this time in accounting. Currently she divides her time between her family, a working studio, and as an accountant for a growing computer services company. When she is not calculating numbers for her job she can be found in her weaving studio calculating what she will need to create her next project.

In 2013 - 2017, her weavings go in a new direction, exploring new design elements and colors and how they interplay. Her works can be found in private and public collections. She hopes to share her love of fiber and color with those who view her work.

           I am a Fiber Artist, specifically weaving large rugs and wall hangings. I began my journey as a Fiber Artist at a young age, learning to knit from my grandmother. Later in high school and college working on a degree in Botanical Sciences, weaving as a form of expression, grabbed a hold of me and wouldn’t let go.
Initially, the yarn spoke to me. It came in so many forms and could be woven in and out in so many ways, incorporating found objects, to create new creative paths and designs. My early creations were born of long walks in the woods collecting objects and ideas to bring to my work.

 Along the way, I learned to weave using a technique called Shaft-Switching. Shaft-Switching allows me the freedom to be more pictorial in my weaving and designs. My designs, are often drawn from nature using organic images and shapes to express my love and appreciation of nature. I am also drawn to symmetrical and geometric shapes, using bold colors or just dark and light yarns to express my vision.

The process of weaving can be very meditative and grounding. This aspect has always appealed to me. Weaving is also very technical and mathematical, and because it is so technical, I have to know exactly where I am going before I get there.

The exhibition of her work can be viewed from September 12-October 26, 2017 with Reception, Thursday, September 14th, at 2 pm EST. at the Hartwig Gallery.
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