Bay Hosts Public Lecture: “Molecular Modeling of Aerospace Polymer Matrices”

Molecular Modeling of Aerospace Image
Bay College’s Math Science Division presents a special colloquium by Bay College graduate Matt Radue titled “Molecular Modeling of Aerospace Polymer Matrices.” The free presentation will be at 3PM on Thursday, April 13 in room 123 of the Math Science Building.  Since leaving Bay, Radue has earned a B.S. in Mathematics, from Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI.  He is presently a Ph.D. Candidate there, in Mechanical Engineering where he is studying  molecular modeling of polymers and polymer-matrix nanocomposites. Matt also spent two years at Bay as a supplemental instruction leader in math.

Carbon fiber composites are increasingly replacing metals used in major structural parts of aircraft, spacecraft, and automobiles. In Matt’s research, the current limitations of carbon fiber composites are addressed through computational material design. Multiple polymer-based matrices are simulated on the molecular level to understand how the molecular structure and affinity to nanoparticles affects the mechanical response. Multiscale modeling techniques are employed to translate the molecular phenomena observed to predict the behavior of realistic composites.
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