Bay College Nursing Program Proposals

Healthcare Program Changes at Bay College
In an effort to streamline career paths for healthcare professionals, Bay College nursing faculty and overall department have proposed program changes to reflect the needs of our students and healthcare communities.  According to a recent survey conducted by the Michigan Board of Nursing, the majority of licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in the State of Michigan are working in clinics and long-term care facilities.  Nursing and pre-nursing students have voiced a desire to enter into a program of study and finish in a shorter period of time, so they can become gainfully employed in such facilities.  Additionally, the nation is beginning to see a trend toward nurses entering into acute care only after they have achieved a Bachelor of Science - Nursing (BSN) degree level.
The proposed nursing program revisions at Bay College reflect upon the identified needs.  First, it includes a 3-semseter, 12-month Practical Nurse (PN) Certificate Program at both Escanaba and Iron Mountain campuses. This one-year certificate program will permit students an efficient progression into an RN completion program, or seek employment as a licensed practical nurse upon passing their licensure exam. 

The RN Completion program, known as ADN, targets LPN’s who desire to complete a registered nursing program.  This program will also consist of three semesters.  Bay College also offers an option for students who wish to be admitted directly into an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Nursing (ADN) registered nursing program, without first completing a Practical Nurse program. Students will be able to complete this program within 5 semesters, at either campus, seeking employment upon passing their RN licensure exam.

Bay has had a long-standing articulation agreement with LSSU for students wanting to attain a Bachelor’s Degree beyond Bay.  We are very excited to announce that amongst the curriculum proposals submitted, a revision to the articulation agreement with LSSU has been put forth which would provide an opportunity for RN students to complete their Bachelor’s degree (BSN) in an additional two semesters.  This program allows students to be concurrently enrolled at both Bay and LSSU, and provides a seamless transition into LSSU’s BSN program following completion of Bay’s ADN program and obtaining Registered Nursing licensure.  These two additional semesters would be offered here at Bay’s campus in Escanaba.

Bay feels very strongly that the needs of our stakeholders, which include our students and healthcare community members, have been heard and responded to.  We feel this has been accomplished with the proposed curriculum changes.  All proposed changes must be approved by the Bay College Board, the Michigan Board of Nursing, and our accrediting body, ACEN, prior to implementation for the fall of 2017.  For more information, please contact Bay’s Nursing Department at 906-217-4090.
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