Welding Program is Making Sparks at Bay College


Bay College’s welding program is undergoing many exciting changes, not only in facility updates, but also in course scheduling options. Students can now register for daytime or evening courses, and seats are still available for Winter 2016 semester, which starts January 11. The convenience of the new evening courses allows those who are currently working or have other daytime commitments the chance to start or complete their welding certificate.

The welding lab has also undergone significant construction to double in size, and new technologies are being added to modernize the program. All welding booths, machines, band saws, and iron workers are new. Both a robotic welding cell and a virtual welding cell are being incorporated to enhance the learning experience of the students and give them added skills without the need for added material costs.

The welding program at Bay College gives students a strong foundation for all types of welding, not just one. They will also become proficient in math and blueprint reading, offering an added edge to their skillset that is attractive to employers.  In addition to their welding certificate, students have the opportunity to gain 3-5 American Welding Society (AWS) certifications during their time in the program.

Regional job placement in welding is near one hundred percent, says welding instructor David Konkel. “Through the use of real world training, Bay Welding grads are able to hit the ground running when they reach employment. The expanded facilities provide the means for us to provide greater numbers of highly sought after welders to local, regional, and national employers.”

To find out more about the welding program or to register for classes, call 906-217-4010 or visit www.baycollege.edu/welding
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