What is Topology?

Bay College’s winter 2015 Math Science Colloquia series continues with a free presentation at 4PM on Thursday April 9 in room MS122 (with iTV link to West Campus room 107).  Utica College Mathematics Professor Dr. John Peter will address “What is Topology?” 

Topology is a branch of mathematics that is concerned with the qualitative geometric aspects of space, as opposed to more traditional branches of geometry that deal with rigid structures and quantitative measurements. Topology only began to gain real traction within the mathematical community (roughly) around the 1920's, which makes it a relatively young branch of mathematics. Topology, however, now plays an important role in almost all other branches of mathematics. Topology is inherently quite abstract and is typically only adequately accessible to upper-level undergraduate students in mathematics. In this talk, Dr. Peter will attempt to introduce some neat results from topology while assuming almost no background in mathematics on the part of the audience. He will also talk a little bit about some of the current research being done that concerns direct applications of topology to several real-world situations.  

The series wraps up at 4PM Thursday April 16 in room MS122 (with iTV link to West Campus 107) when Dr. Matt Barron, Bay College Dean of Arts and Sciences presents research on predictors of student success.   These events are all open to the public and free of charge. 
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