What’s Happening at Bay College?


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Melissa VanBrocklin, Community Events & Marketing Coordinator, stands under digital signage that is displaying event information for Bay College.
Bay College hosts a variety of diverse and exciting events throughout the year. Art shows and gallery receptions, featured speakers, concerts, plays, comedians, films, and other forms of entertainment continuously bring the campus to life and offer the community a chance to come and have an enjoyable experience at Bay. Training seminars, conferences, and other learning opportunities for community members also take place at the college. To find information and learn more about all of these events, there is a variety of communication mediums that the public can access.

Bay College’s website is the primary source of information on upcoming college events. By visiting www.baycollege.edu/events, the visitor can use the filtering tool to find events that cater to their specific interest, such as Arts & Culture or Student Events. The website home page also features up-to-date web sliders of upcoming events that contain details and links to learn more. Visitors can even purchase tickets for Besse Theater events online by going to www.baycollege.edu/tickets.

The newspaper is another great source for finding event information. Press releases are typically released 1-2 weeks prior to an event with smaller alerts that may follow. The releases contain event- specific information such as time, location, or other important details. Cable Channel 190 and outdoor signage on North Lincoln and Danforth roads are two additional places where upcoming events are displayed.

Bay College has also developed a presence on social media that aids in notifying the public about campus events. Facebook users can ‘follow’ the Bay College page or view it by visiting www.facebook.com/BaydeNocCommunityCollege. Twitter users can follow ‘@BayCollege’ to find tweets with direct links to event details. Professionals who use LinkedIn can follow Bay de Noc Community College’s page to get notified when an event or press release is shared. Friending, following, or visiting all of Bay College’s social media channels is a great way to stay connected with current events and happenings on campus. The pages are regularly updated and contain accurate information that can help visitors find an event they would like to attend.

For more information on events at the college, contact Melissa VanBrocklin, Community Events & Marketing Coordinator at (906)217-4042. Bay college hopes to see you on campus soon to enjoy the numerous events that are offered to the public!
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