Full-time Staff

John Anderson (andersoj@baycollege.edu)
Title: Audio Visual Technician
Office: 825B  LRC
Phone: 9062174222

Matthew Barron (barronm@baycollege.edu)
Title: Research Data Analyst
Office: 201K  CB
Phone: 9062174054

Patrick Bazan (bazanp@baycollege.edu)
Title: Bldg Maintenance Manager
Office: 241  WC
Phone: 9063023022

David Beaudoin (beaudoid@baycollege.edu)
Title: Shipping & Receiving Ops Clerk
Office: 1001A SHIP
Phone: 9062174112

Beth Berube (beth.berube@baycollege.edu)
Title: Human Resources Specialist
Office: 202  CB
Phone: 9062174036

Travis Blume (travis.blume@baycollege.edu)
Title: Registrar
Office: 519  SC
Phone: 9062174116

Joshua Blumensaadt (josh.blumensaadt@baycollege.edu)
Title: Coord of Campus User Tech
Office: 922B  JHUC
Phone: 9062174274

Rene Boddy (boddyr@baycollege.edu)
Title: Purchasing Coordinator
Office: 523C  SC
Phone: 9062174139

Theresa Brown (brownt@baycollege.edu)
Title: TRiO Administrative Assistant
Office: 826  LRC
Phone: 9062174133

Kim Carne (carnek@baycollege.edu)
Title: Vice President of CA
Office: 201C  CB
Phone: 9062174027

Cynthia Carter (carterc@baycollege.edu)
Title: Director of Admissions
Office: 511  SC
Phone: 9062174134

Laura Coleman (colemanl@baycollege.edu)
Title: President
Office: 201E  CB
Phone: 9062174244

Jane Collegnon (collegnj@baycollege.edu)
Title: Administrative Assistant
Office: 422A  HATC
Phone: 9062174072

Jonathan Coons (jonathan.coons@baycollege.edu)
Title: Instructional Designer
Office: 201L  CB
Phone: 9062174255

Ralph Curry (curryr@baycollege.edu)
Title: Director of Building & Grounds
Office: 1105A MAINT
Phone: 9062174080

Shawn Curtin (shawn.curtin@baycollege.edu)
Title: Digital Technology Coordinator
Office: 813  LRC
Phone: 9062174088

Vicki DeGrand (vicki.degrand@baycollege.edu)
Title: College Advancement Specialist
Office: 201B  CB
Phone: 9062174048

Oscar DeLong (oscar.delong@baycollege.edu)
Title: Director of Library Services
Office: 811  LRC
Phone: 9062174076

Robert DeRocher (derocheb@baycollege.edu)
Title: Custodian/Groundskeeper
Office: 968  JHUC
Phone: 9062174114

Mary Dittrich (dittricm@baycollege.edu)
Title: Administrative Assistant
Office: 401B  HATC
Phone: 9062174081

Julie Dollhopf (dollhopj@baycollege.edu)
Title: SS Enrollment Facilitator
Office: 502  SC
Phone: 9062174129

Todd Dubord (dubordt@baycollege.edu)
Title: Maintenance
Office: 1106A MAINT
Phone: 9062174128

Jason Erickson (ericksoj@baycollege.edu)
Title: Network Administrator
Office: 914  JHUC
Phone: 9062174092

Christopher Fries (friesc@baycollege.edu)
Title: Director of Special Population
Office: 819  LRC
Phone: 9062174017

Mark Fuse (fusem@baycollege.edu)
Title: West Campus Tech Manager
Office: 248  WC
Phone: 9063023023

Catherine Gatewood- Keim (cathi.gatewood@baycollege.edu)
Title: VP of Academics
Office: 201G  CB
Phone: 9062174024

Ruth Germain (Germainr@baycollege.edu)
Title: Asst Director Financial Aid
Office: 508  SC
Phone: 9062174032

James Helmer (helmerj@baycollege.edu)
Title: TRiO STEM Specialist
Office: 822A  LRC
Phone: 9062174136

Patricia Henning (henningp@baycollege.edu)
Title: Dean of Allied Health/Wellness
Office: 422C  HATC
Phone: 9062174091

Renae Highum (highumr@baycollege.edu)
Title: Enroll/Admissions Facilitator
Office: 502  SC
Phone: 9062174101

Barbara Ingram (ingramb@baycollege.edu)
Title: Administrative Assistant
Office: 224A  CB
Phone: 9062174137

Justin Izzard (justin.izzard@baycollege.edu)
Title: System Administrator
Office: 916  JHUC
Phone: 9062174026

Tina Jensen (tina.jensen@baycollege.edu)
Title: Enrollment Facilitator
Office: 203  WC
Phone: 9063023006

Stephen Johnson (johnsons@baycollege.edu)
Title: Maintenance
Office: 1106A MAINT
Phone: 9062171244

Laura Johnson (lauralee.johnson@baycollege.edu)
Title: Executive Asst to President
Office: 201F  CB
Phone: 9062174022

Marcelle Jones (marcelle.jones@baycollege.edu)
Title: Director of Academic Services
Office: 211  WC
Phone: 9063023004

Brooke Jorasz (joraszb@baycollege.edu)
Title: Fin Aid/Enrollment Facilitator
Office: 502  SC
Phone: 9062174096

Patrick Kennedy (kennedyp@baycollege.edu)
Title: VP Bay College West
Office: 215  WC
Phone: 9063023008

Mark Kinney (kinneym@baycollege.edu)
Title: Dean of Business & Technology
Office: 401A  HATC
Phone: 9062174107

Bonnie Kleikamp (bonnie.kleikamp@baycollege.edu)
Title: Payroll Coordinator
Office: 523D  SC
Phone: 9062174075

Jessica LaMarch (jessica.lamarch@baycollege.edu)
Title: Admissions Recruiter
Office: 511  SC
Phone: 9062174086

Rebecca Landenberger (becky.landenberger@baycollege.edu)
Title: Degree Completion Specialist
Office: 507  SC
Phone: 9062174266

David Laur (dave.laur@baycollege.edu)
Title: Director of Student Life
Office: 512  SC
Phone: 9062174031

Renee Lundberg (lundberr@baycollege.edu)
Title: Manager, Grants & Program
Office: 2005  MTEC
Phone: 9062174224

Lynn Martinson (martinsl@baycollege.edu)
Title: Accounts Receivable Specialist
Office: 501  SC
Phone: 9062174062

Julianne Mayville (mayvillj@baycollege.edu)
Title: Manager of ERP System
Office: 922A  JHUC
Phone: 9062174082

Erica Mead (meade@baycollege.edu)
Title: TRiO Literacy Specialist
Office: 824A  LRC
Phone: 9062174135

Joseph Mold (moldj@baycollege.edu)
Title: Director of Online Learning
Office: 201J  CB
Phone: 9062174246

Laura Moloney (moloneyl@baycollege.edu)
Title: BCW Director of Student Serv
Office: 217  WC
Phone: 9063023010

Sue Nanninga (nannings@baycollege.edu)
Title: Instructor
Office: 2029  MTEC
Phone: 9062174219

Christian Nelson (nelsonc@baycollege.edu)
Title: Accounting Clerk
Office: 523A  SC
Phone: 9062174078

Rebecca Noblet (nobletb@baycollege.edu)
Title: Records/Registration Assistant
Office: 510  SC
Phone: 9062174245

Beth Noreus (noreusb@baycollege.edu)
Title: Director Transfer & Student Ad
Office: 518  SC
Phone: 9062174014

Patrick Ogle (oglep@baycollege.edu)
Title: Custodian
Office: 401C  HATC
Phone: 9062174236

Ann Olsen (olsena@baycollege.edu)
Title: Mgr of Student Computing Ctr
Office: 908H  JHUC
Phone: 9062174053

Penny Pavlat (pavlatp@baycollege.edu)
Title: Senior Data Analyst
Office: 201I  CB
Phone: 9062174099

Heidi Perryman (perrymah@baycollege.edu)
Title: SI & MS Manager
Office: 123C  MS
Phone: 9062174175

Robert Pontius (robert.pontius@baycollege.edu)
Title: Exe. Dir. Prof. & Workforce De
Office: 2006  MTEC
Phone: 9062174217

William Purdy (purdyw@baycollege.edu)
Title: Instructor
Office: 401D  HATC
Phone: 9062174191

Brian Riste (brian.riste@baycollege.edu)
Title: VP of Administrative Services
Office: 201A  CB
Phone: 9062174023

Mark Roberts (robertsm@baycollege.edu)
Title: Custodian
Office: 201V  CB
Phone: 9062171205

Deanna Robinette (robinetd@baycollege.edu)
Title: Nursing Office Assistant
Office: 422A  HATC
Phone: 9062174073

Dale Sexton (sextond@baycollege.edu)
Title: Custodian
Office: 506  SC
Phone: 9062174094

Lori Shea (sheal@baycollege.edu)
Title: Manager Cont Ed & Prof Dev
Office: 2004  MTEC
Phone: 9062174093

Craig Smith (smithc@baycollege.edu)
Title: Maintenance Technician
Office: 817  LRC
Phone: 9062174057

Matthew Soucy (soucym@baycollege.edu)
Title: Vice President of Student Serv
Office: 503  SC
Phone: 9062174068

Laurel Spangenberg (laurie.spangenberg@baycollege.edu)
Title: Director of Financial Aid
Office: 508  SC
Phone: 9062174065

Debra Stiglitz (stiglitd@baycollege.edu)
Title: Conference & Media Coordinator
Office: 918  JHUC
Phone: 9062174042

Larry Sundling (sundlinl@baycollege.edu)
Title: Instructor
Office: 412B  HATC
Phone: 9062174002

Ann Valiquette (ann.valiquette@baycollege.edu)
Title: Director of Business Office
Office: 523B  SC
Phone: 9062174070

Melissa VanBrocklin (melissa.vanbrocklin@baycollege.edu)
Title: Administrative Assistant MTEC
Office: 2003  MTEC
Phone: 9062174106

Linda Varda (vardal@baycollege.edu)
Title: Enrollment Facilitator
Office: 203  WC
Phone: 9063023002

Sherri Viau (viaus@baycollege.edu)
Title: Administrative Assistant
Office: 201H  CB
Phone: 9062174019

Daniel Wall (walld@baycollege.edu)
Title: Custodian
Office: 968  JHUC
Phone: 9062174149

Jill Wiese-Martin (martinj@baycollege.edu)
Title: Exe Director of TRiO
Office: 826B  LRC
Phone: 9062174132

Daniel Williams (williamd@baycollege.edu)
Title: Graphic Designer
Office: 908G  JHUC
Phone: 9062174095

Christine Williams (williamc@baycollege.edu)
Title: VP of IT and IR & E
Office: 902  JHUC
Phone: 9062174077

Kathleen Wolak (wolakk@baycollege.edu)
Title: Receptionist- Student Services
Office: 201  CB
Phone: 9062174117