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We've saved our students over $400,000 on textbooks since Fall 2015 semester.

Starting Fall 2017, students can earn an associate of arts degree using only Open Educational Resources, making the dream of a degree more of a reality. Currently, Bay College has 32 courses that use OER.

Open Educational Resources (OER) Defined

"OER are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others. Open educational resources include full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, streaming videos, tests, software, and any other tools, materials, or techniques used to support access to knowledge."- Hewlett Foundation

These textbooks are FREE online! Most are also available in the bookstore in print for the cost of production and under $40.


Achieving the Dream

Open Educational Resources (OER) Degree Initiative Grant

In June 2016 Bay College was awarded a grant from Achieving the Dream (ATD) to a complete degree pathway using all OER. Bay College will be transitioning courses to open educational resources starting immediately, and entire OER degree pathways in Liberal Arts will be available by Fall of 2018. (See below for a complete list of our OER courses)

The OER Degree Initiative will create a library of high-quality, digital, open courses available to other institutions and the public at large. Making resources easily available to all is expected to encourage OER adoption even at non-participating institutions.

ATD will help colleges make OER degrees critical elements of their student success efforts. Lumen Learning will provide technical assistance, SRI International will evaluate the implementation, and the Community College Consortium of Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) will facilitate a community of practice.

Bay College has a total of 26 classes certified as OER through Lumen Learning, our grant partner, for a total of 83 credits. 

For more information on the grant please visit the Achieving the Dreams website.

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Courses and Instructors using Open Educational Resources. Below are links to the FREE ONLINE TEXTBOOKS:
Course Sections Course Title Instructor OER Text
(ARTS 163) All Theater Appreciation All Instructors Theatrical Worlds
(ARTS 204) All Art History to 1300 All Instructors SmArt History
(ARTS 207) All Art History 1300 to Present All Instructors SmArt History
(BIOL 103)  All Essential Biology All Instructors Concepts of Biology
(BIOL 213)  All Anatomy and Physiology I     All Instructors Anatomy and Physiology
(BIOL 214) All Anatomy and Physiology II All Instructors Anatomy and Physiology
(BIOL 225)  All Medical Microbiology All Instructors Microbiology
(BUSN 160)  All Introduction to Business All Instructors Introduction to Business
(COMM 104) All Public Speaking All Instructors Principles of Public Speaking
(COMM 201) All Mass Communications All Instructors Understanding Media and Culture
(ECON 131)  All Microeconomics All Instructors Principles of Microeconomics
(ECON 132)  All Macroeconomics All Instructors Principles of Macroeconomics
(ENGL 101)  All Rhetoric and Composition All Instructors Rhetoric and Composition
(ENGL 102) All Research Writing All Instructors The Process of Research Writing
(ENGL 145) All Technical & Report Writing All Instructors Technical and Report Writing
(ENGL 150) All Intro to Literature All Instructors Intro to Literature
(ENGL 200) All American Literature All Instructors No Book Required
(ENGL 208) All Writing Poetry and Short Fiction All Instructors No Book Required
(FYE 103) All Career Exploration All Instructors Career Exploration
(GEOG 110)  All Physical Geography All Instructors Physical Geography
(GEOG 121)  All World Regional Geography All Instructors No Book Required
(HIST 211) All US History to 1865 All Instructors US History to 1865
(HIST 212) All US History 1865 to Present All Instructors US History 1865 to Present
(MATH 107) All Liberal Arts Math All Instructors Math in Society
(MATH 110) All College Algebra All Instructors College Algebra
(MATH 141) All Analytical Geometry and Calculus I All Instructors Calculus Volume I
(MATH 210) All Introduction to Statistics All Instructors Introduction to Statistics
(POLI 111) All American Government All Instructors American Government
(SOCY 151) All Sociology All Instructors Introduction to Sociology
(SOCY 207) All Social Problems All Instructors Social Problems: Continuity and Change
(SOCY 208) All Marriage and Family All Instructors Sociology of the Family
(SPAN 101) All Spanish I All Instructors No Book Required

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