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Justin Berg
Director of Accessibility

HUB Office 811
Phone: 906.217.4017
Fax: 906.217.1611

The Office of Accessibility (OOA) is the first stop for information and assistance to support students with disabilities. If you wiould like to view the information presented on these pages in a printed version, then download the Accessibility brochure.


The OOA at Bay College strives to reduce the impact of a disability on a student's opportunity to learn and participate in campus life by providing accommodations to eligible students at Bay College. For more information, visit the Student Accommodations web page.

The OOA at Bay College has programs to ensure that no student with a disability is denied the benefits of, excluded from participation in, or otherwise subject to discrimination because of the absence of educational auxiliary aids for students with impaired sensory, manual or speaking skills.  Bay College shall take appropriate steps to ensure that communications with students with disabilities are as effective as communications with others. A student has to request support services.  This is not automatically provided.  A student may request accommodations by completing an online Accommodation Request Form/Intake Information Questionnaire, which is located on myBay under Current Students.  The College will give primary consideration to the accommodation requested by the student with a disability.   Requested accommodations will be reviewed in accordance with the process outlined in Bay College Board Policy 1061.2 (Procedure for Requesting an Accommodation).  In the event a requested modification is determined inappropriate because it would fundamentally alter an academic requirement, the College will consider alternative modifications in accordance with Bay College Board Policy 1061.2 (Procedure for Requesting an Accommodation).

Individuals with Disabilities Have a Right to:

  • Request accommodations
  • Receive accommodations appropriate to their disability in order to fully participate in, or benefit from, Bay College's programs, services, and activities in a non-discriminatory, integrated manner.

Typical Services Offered (not an inclusive list)

  • Specialized testing including extended time for tests and/or access to distraction reduced testing environment
  • Classroom note-taker
  • Reader and/or scribe
  • Alternative format textbooks
  • The use of a recorder for academic needs
  • Interpreter for the deaf
Additional information on services for wounded Veterans may be available - National Resource Directory

Americans with Disabilities Act

These federal laws promote:
  • Eliminating barriers to independence because of a person's disability
  • Prohibiting discrimination for a qualified student because of their disability
  • Providing a student with a disability reasonable and effective accommodations

Procedure for Filing a Complaint of Disability Discrimination

All Complaints of disability are subject to the College’s Board Policy 1061 which contains the grievance procedure for filing a disability discrimination complaint. Board Policy 1061 applies to complaints of discrimination against College Employees, Students, and Third-Parties.
In accordance with Policy 1061.3, all formal grievances regarding complaints of disability discrimination must be submitted in writing within ten (10) business days of the alleged discrimination to:

Justin Berg
Director of Accessibility
Bay College
Student Success Center: HUB Office 811
Escanaba Campus
(906) 217-4017
Bay College Main,
2001 N Lincoln Road, Escanaba, MI 49829
906.786.5802 Main Campus Directions