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The Business world has many dimensions and is constantly changing. In Bay College programs, you’ll learn about companies best practices, explore sustainability, and discover the social and economic impact of business in today’s world. Graduates will have knowledge in a wide range of business areas including accounting, selling, marketing, management, and economics.

Business Programs


Program Name

Certificate/Degree Requirements

Academic Map

Course Information

Accounting Accounting Certificate Requirements (PDF) Accounting Academic Map (PDF) -
Entrepreneurial Small Business Entrepreneurial Small Business Certificate Requirements (PDF) Entrepreneurial Small Business Academic Map (PDF) Entrepreneurial Small Business Course Information (PDF)
Office Assistant Office Assistant Certificate Requirements (PDF) Office Assistant Academic Map (PDF) Office Assistant Course Information (PDF)
Accounting Accounting AAS Degree Requirements (PDF) Accounting Academic Map (PDF) Accounting Course Information (PDF)
Business Business AAS Degree Requirements (PDF) Business Academic Map (PDF) Business Course Information (PDF)
Business Online Business Online AAS Degree Business Online Academic Map (PDF) Business Online Course Information (PDF)
Marketing Marketing AAS Degree Requirements (PDF) Marketing Academic Map (PDF) Marketing Course Information (PDF)
OIS Administrative Assistant OIS Administrative Assistant AAS Degree Requirements (PDF) OIS Administrative Assistant Academic Map (PDF) OIS Administrative Assistant Course Information (PDF)
Business Administration Business Administration AA Transfer Degree Requirements (PDF) Business Administration Academic Map (PDF) Business Administration Course Information (PDF)

Degrees Beyond Bay College

Many students pursue a Bachelor’s degree in their field or continue on to attain an MBA, or Master’s in Business Administration degree.

Popular Bachelor's Degrees include:

  • Business Administration
  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • International Business
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Entrepreneurship

Business Career Information



Employment Details
Market Manager Market Manager Employment Details
Market Analyst Market Analyst Employment Details
Accountant/Auditor Account/Auditor Employment Details
Sales Representative Sales Representative Employment Details
Sales Manager Sales Manager Employment Details
Financial Advisor Financial Advisor Employment Details
Bookkeeper Bookkeeper Employment Details
Loan Officer Loan Officer Employment Details
Customer Service Representative Customer Service Representative Employment Details
Actuary Actuary Employment Details
Insurance Agent Insurance Agent Employment Details
Retail Management Retail Management Employment Details
Real Estate Management Real Estate Management Employment Details 
Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant Employment Details
Paralegal Paralegal Employment Details
Event Planner Event Planner Employment Details
Human Resource Specialist Human Resource Specialist Employment Details
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