Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)

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Find your career in a high-paying, high-demand STEM field. In these careers, you’ll research, analyze information, solve problems, improve health, design products, advance technology, and blaze new trails. You will unleash opportunity and use your knowledge and abilities to find creative, innovative solutions.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Programs


Program Name

Certificate/Degree Requirements

Academic Map

Course Information

Pre-Engineering AS Transfer Pre-Engineering Academic Map (PDF) Pre-Engineering Course Information (PDF)
Biomedical Engineering AS Transfer Degree Biomedical Engineering Academic Map (PDF) -
Chemical Engineering AS Transfer Degree Chemical Engineering Academic Map (PDF) Chemical Engineering Course Information (PDF)
Pre-Natural Resources AS Transfer Pre-Natural Resources Academic Map (PDF) Pre-Natural Resources Course Information (PDF)
Pre-Professional Health AS Transfer Pre-Professional Health Academic Map (PDF) Pre-Professional Health Course Information (PDF)
Pre-Molecular Biotechnology AS Transfer Pre-Molecular Biotechnology Academic Map (PDF) Pre-Molecular Biotechnology Course Information (PDF)
General Studies AS Transfer Degree - -
Mathematics AA Transfer Degree Mathematics Academic Map (PDF) -
Physics AS Transfer Degree Physics Academic Map (PDF) -
Chemistry AS Transfer Degree Chemistry Academic Map (PDF) -

Popular STEM Bachelor's Degrees

• Engineering—Chemical, Mechanical, Civil and Computer
• Geology
• Physics
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Education

Popular STEM Professional Degrees

• Dentistry
• Medicine
• Optometry
• Physical/Sports Therapy
• Occupational Therapy


STEM Career Information



Employment Details

Biologist Biologist Employment Details
Chemist Chemist Employment Details
Physicist Physicist Employment Details
Astronomer Astronomer Employment Details
Botanist/Forester Botanist/Forester Employment Details
Natural Resources -
Environmental Economist Environmental Economist Employment Details
Doctor Doctor Employment Details
Dentist Dentist Employment Details
Pharmacist Pharmacist Employment Details
Athletic Trainer Athletic Trainer Employment Details
Physician Assistant Physician Assistant Employment Details
Physical Therapist Physical Therapist Employment Details 
Chiropractor Chiropractor Employment Details
Engineering Technology Engineering Technology Employment Details
Architect Architect Employment Details
Project Manager -
Construction Manager Construction Manager Employment Details
Surveyor Surveyor Employment Details
Programmer Programmer Employment Details
Actuary Actuary Employment Details
Mathematician Mathematician Employment Details
Statistician Statistician Employment Details
Systems Analyst Systems Analyst Employment Details
Financial Analyst Financial Analyst Employment Details
Teacher -
Forensic Science Forensic Science Employment Details
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