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Three female Bay College student ambassadors standing in a groupStudent Ambassador Chelsea


Hometown: Escanaba, MI

Major: Art Therapy

Graduation Date: Spring 2019

Campus Involvement: Art Club, TRiO, and Student Ambassador

Future Plans: Finish my two years at Bay College then possibly transfer to Wayne State University. I would like to graduate from Wayne State University and end up working wherever I am most needed. I just really want to help others with my passion. In the future, I plan and hope to travel to poverty stricken countries and help them as much as I can. ​

Favorite Classes: Visual Structures and Psychology

Advice for New Students: When you get into college don't be afraid to explore your options as to what path you choose to take your life on, and it's completely alright if you can't figure it out right away. I've been stuck for awhile on what I want to do in the art field, but I have made sure to do my research and ask questions. So my best advice to you is don't get to stressed out if you can't figure out what you want to major in because there are so many wonderful people here at Bay that will help you along the way.

Outside of Class: I love spending time with my family and friends, along with doing anything artsy in my free time.

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Student Ambassador Aubree


Hometown: Escanaba, MI

Major: Nursing

Graduation Date: Spring 2017

Campus Involvement: Phi Theta Kappa, Student Ambassador, Anatomy & Physiology Tutor

Future Plans: After earning my ADN (Associates Degree of Nursing), I would like to continue on for my bachelor's and eventually end up working in a pediatric hospital or clinic

Favorite Classes: Math and anything nursing related

Favorite Place to Study: Either the library or my bedroom desk (I need a quiet environment)

Advice for New Students: It's okay not to know everything your first year of college. My freshman year I went to a University and spent most of my year questioning if I had chosen the right school and contemplating my major. Eventually I chose to attend Bay where I not only felt at home, but also found my major, which I love!

Outside of Class: ​In my free time I like to go for runs and spend time with my family, friends, and three little kids that I nanny for.


Student Ambassador Kailee


Hometown: Pittston, PA

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Campus Involvement: SI Leader, Peer Menton, Peer Tutor, Student Ambassador, TRiO Club, and Phi Theta Kappa

Future Plans: After leaving Bay with an Associate's in Science, I hope to transfer to Michigan Tech to complete a Bachelor and Master degree in biomedical engineering. After that, I want to complete my M.D. at the University of Michigan.

Favorite Classes: Anything biology or chemistry related is my favorite.

Favorite Place to Study: The study rooms in the HUB are actually one of my favorite places. I definitely need somewhere without any distractions!

Advice for New Students: Try lots of different classes and subjects and find what you like. Join lots of student organizations; the connections you'll make and the people you can meet are indispensable. Just focus on your school stuff, don't get involved with drama, and don't forget to have fun!

Outside of Class: I love listening to music in my free time. I also work as a barista at Jo to Go (I'm a total coffee fanatic!)

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