2020 Student Awards

Macy Whitens
Outstanding Graduate- Social Science

Shaun Gogolewski
Outstanding Graduate- Business

Austin Walechka
Outstanding Graduate - Technology

Allison Gustafson
Outstanding Graduate - Arts & Letters

Cierra DePottey
Outstanding Graduate - Math/Science

Kailey Vietzke
Outstanding Graduate - Allied Health

Summer Swick & Brianna O'Driscoll
Presidential Honor

Colby Torvinen
Student Employee of the Year

Kaitlyn Hardwick
Outstanding Student Athlete

2020 Employee Awards

Nanci Love
Outstanding Full-Time Faculty

Renae Highum
Outstanding Staff

Andrew Paulsen
Outstanding Part-Time Faculty

Karl Linderoth
Outstanding Full-Time Faculty

Dave Laur
Outstanding Staff

Terri Doepker
Outstanding Part-Time Faculty

2020 Alumni Awards

Holly Way
Alumni of the Year

TRIO Graduates